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May-27-2014, 19:05
United by a single common ideal: "The Fifth"

Welcome to 5./JG11 a Full Immersion Staffel.

We aim to represent the Fifth Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 11 who flew the Me 109 in Air Operations during the Second World War. As such it's our desire to keep the flame alight for the Men who fought and died in "The Fifth" during this brief period in history.

Much knowledge of how the Luftwaffe conducted it's Training and Operations during the Second World War has been amassed by the members of the group. We fully use all the Methods and Tactics employed by the Jagdflieger in the 1940s. These include Historically Correct Radio Transmissions, Engine Management, Preflight Checks, Take offs, Climbouts, Formation Flying, Rotte / Schwarm Tactics, Descents, Landing Patterns and of course Air Combat.

We can be found on ATAG's Cliffs of Dover Server and ATAG's Teamspeak. We pride ourselves in flying "Full Switch" realistic settings. As such we are a small friendly dedicated group of people who think of ourselves as "Air Brothers".
Please take the time to look over our History pages. There you will find The Real Stories and images of the Men of "The Fifth"

For further info please go to our website http://www.5jg11.net/

If you are interested in Flying with us contact us through the Website,TeamSpeak or here

May-28-2014, 07:10
Hello and Salute from JG4! Great to have you here!

May-28-2014, 07:59
Hello and Salute from JG4! Great to have you here!

+1 :salute:

May-31-2014, 11:40
~S friends, thank you

Jun-13-2014, 09:59
Salute gentlemen,

Here is something for your eyes and ears from The Fifth,
Leutnant Chono - Black 9, bangs The Drum of War:


Have a great day,


Jun-14-2014, 07:26
Welcome to the community and forums 5./JG11_Ulrich....~S~

Good to have you with us buddy...and remember its all about the Fun!!!


Jun-14-2014, 07:28
Welcome the fifth. Greetings from the fifth :D

Jun-14-2014, 18:50
Welcome, Kameraden!

9./JG52 Ziegler
Jun-15-2014, 10:57
Horrido from 9./JG52 :salute:

Jan-29-2015, 09:31
Here is a combat footage from JG11 recorded yesterday, make sure you watch it in 1080p 60fps on Full Screen for best viewing, enjoy:



9./JG52 Meyer
Jan-29-2015, 11:38
Willkommen from 9./JG52 (The Karaya Staffel)

Hals und Beinbruch ! :thumbsup:

Jan-29-2015, 13:08
Willkommen 5./JG11 und gute Jagd.


Jan-29-2015, 22:21
Herzlich willkommen! Hallo and Salute from the XVII.Fliegerkorps.