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No.54 Ghost (KL-G)
May-28-2014, 18:12
if you want people on TS to sound a bit more like they would over a radio i can recommend this:


i know about ATAG_Colanders WWII radio mod, but i could not get that working on the current TS version.
it might be worth checking out. you can turn on and off different settings as you please, like the "positional audio".

CrossTalk - What’s that?

CrossTalk is a Teamspeak 3 plugin that enhances the general audio experience and provides advanced features for commanders.

Current Features

are as follows:

Positional Audio

Hear players from the direction their avatar is in supported games.

Stereo Position Spread

When multiple people are talking at the same time, which tends to happen, they are harder to understand than necessary. First, our brain is a lot better at decyphering those noises into language if they are located at seperate positions. Second, when two or more people are talking, the client mixer will possibly not have the headroom to keep things from distorting/generating artifacts. This module shall help on both of these issues.

In advanced mode, you can reserve specific regions for certain types of incoming audio streams: Have whispers on the right, secondary tabs on the left, current in the middle (if conflicting, they'll also be spread inside their regions).

Channel Ducking

Reduces the volume of speakers in the channel of a server tab as soon as a whisper comes in or someone talks on another server tab (in common scenarios this is some kind of commander channel).

Global (MusicBot) Ducking

Set a client as global ducking target. When anyone else talks, this client will be ducked.

Cross-Server Push-to-Talk & Whispering

This is implemented using Plugin Commands and Hotkeys

Channel Muter

Temporarily mute a channel except the clients you whitelisted.

Radio FX

Walkie Talkie? Walkie Talkie.

May-28-2014, 22:06
I'm tellin ya we get ten people on TS tryin to talk all at the same time and it gets pretty nerve racking.

May-28-2014, 23:18
That's why most of the time I say very little on TS, Most of what is said has absolutely no relavance to whats going on I.e.
Gear up
Flaps down
Throttle at -------
Out of ammo
Out of fuel
Launcher crash
What's the target
What map is this
Bombs drooped (unless you have bombers that are dropping on your call)

Here's what should be stated
Enemy sighted (where). (Altitude). (Direction)
If you are flying with a wingman get a separate channel
Bombers should also be on a separate channel

O.k. I'm done

May-29-2014, 02:42
i know about ATAG_Colanders WWII radio mod, but i could not get that working on the current TS version.

i had to downgrade:
now im happy with WWII radio plugin by Colanders - very simple to setup two noise generators and light freq feedback, with my mic_clicks TS sounds, final set in windows volume mixer to fit with COD, yummi.

i will take a look at Crosstalk later ;)