View Full Version : Continually disconnecting to ATAG TS3

Feb-07-2012, 13:27
I have a friend who is constanly disconnecting to TS3. After several attempts and about 10 minutes he can finally connect. He says when he firsts connects, only the ready room is visable. His voice, if it comes through at all is very laggy and choppy.

I tried googling it but came up with no answers. Anyone got any ideas?

Feb-07-2012, 14:16
Since I frequently travel all over the country/world for work, I get to experience this from time to time. It's his ISP/connection that's the problem. The reason for the ready room only visible/and getting disconnected is his connection speed.

Have him try to do a speed test when this is happening, and I'd wager a bet his internet is taking a crap.

Feb-07-2012, 15:04
That would be my first guess. Probably lots of lag between him and the TS server.

Feb-07-2012, 18:04
It happens everytime though not just sometimes.

He can play games and access the web fine.

Feb-07-2012, 18:39
It happens everytime though not just sometimes.

He can play games and access the web fine.

This may seem counter intuitive but the problem is not likely at or on the server side. It's between that end user and or along the entire path between him and the server.

Feb-08-2012, 01:55
Agree with all of the above.
Another connection disrupter can be if he is connecting wirelessly to his modem.
I use a separate old laptop to run TS.
I had no end of disconnects to TS when connected wirelessly to my modem but
since plugging it directly into a spare ethernet port on the modem no more major

Feb-08-2012, 03:55
Hes wired.

O I totally agree its client side. Ive tried the obvious culpritts like firewall and run as admin.

I was talking to striker and we now think its his spyware doctor. Ive asked him to make an exception. So we will see if this has any effect.

Feb-12-2012, 07:43
It was his spyware...