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May-29-2014, 22:07

Since last night I've been trying to install TF 4.0 and have run into problems with the second part of the 4.0 patch (Team Fusion 4.0 MOD Installer.zip.002). I can download and open everything else just fine, including zip.001, but this one has been constantly giving me an error message ("can not open file 'F:\Program Files(x86)\etc\etc\etc\etc\' as archive").

At first I thought it was maybe my anti-virus reading false positives and corrupting the download in some way. But at this point I've downloaded the file a number of times, the size seems to be correct (667,853 KB) and I'm basically at a loss.

I'm using 7Zip, but I downloaded Winzip to try it with that and had no joy either :(

May-29-2014, 22:09
Have you copied both into the same folder and then run.7zip on the first part? Both files need to be in the same folder before you use 7zip on the first file.

Cheers, MP

May-29-2014, 22:25

Is a "two part zip" not "two zip files" :D
I mean, you only need to extract the first one and 7zip will automatically extract the second.
The second zip by it self is not a valid zip but the continuation of the first one so both need to be in the same folder when you extract the first one.

Hope that makes sense.

PS: If all fails, try using 7zip.

May-29-2014, 22:26
Thanks for the quick reply!

I copied and pasted both the zip files into my main IL-2 directory. I ran 7zip on TF 4.0 zip.001 and extracted the files, then ran the installer. The sim loads now and I can confirm that 4.0 is applied by looking at the red letters on the main menu.

Still can't open zip.002 or extract the files that are there, but does that matter? It seems like it installed properly now. Did it just "magic install" when I opened, extracted and installed the contents of zip.001?

EDIT: ATAG_Colander answered my question as I wrote it. How silly of me, guess we're done here. Thanks chaps :)

May-29-2014, 23:29
You don't unzip part 2.... only have to unzip part 1, then run it. :salute:

Jul-14-2014, 19:54
You don't unzip part 2.... only have to unzip part 1, then run it. :salute:

Thanks for posting this! I don't know if i should feel more or less stupid now, but i'll stop beating my head against this one.