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Feb-10-2012, 02:15

What is the skill level setting from the AAA on the server? I am asking, because I had yesterday a 109 on Ramsgate-Manston, flying low level for 15-20min, AAA shot like hell, I took off with a Spitfire, jaydee and jimbop are been inbound from Hawking as well. In the meanwhile I started to fight the 109, but she just flew around without getting hit, or damaged, the heavy AAA was useless, in this case, not hitting the 109, and generating alot stutter for me and the other RED`s to make a prober aiming much harder. It was funny to watch, even when he did slow hammerhead turns, he got not killed at all.

Finally I had to land, the 109 flew still around, and he landed as well on Manston, and he respawned at home (zzz). I was ready to roll, and then I got hit by my own AAA, that my elevator was gone, because the parked 109 was still there!!!

I had a similar scenario, in my 110, when a Spitfire was flying low over the 110 base, where I got hit by chasing the Spitfire!!!

Soo, if the AAA is on a ACE setting, then this would be too funny, and you can remove 50% of the AAA incase of anyway not hitting, and the useless stutter is gone for the chaser.....

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Feb-10-2012, 04:38
Mo, there is no setting for AAA, you can either increase or decrease the amount of of stationary AAA on the map within a given area in which case you have to deal with the risk of even more possible game stutters. Unfortunately this game does not yet have the flexibility and features found in the previous IL2 series, my suggestion would be to politely ask 1c when they plan on releasing an SDK for mission building and server settings or when they plan to release a patch with the new graphics engine so stutters are not an issue.


Feb-10-2012, 07:08
It is sometimes quite comical watching 109s buzzing red airfields with what seems
to be some sort of immunity to flak. Sometimes u will see one cop a hit but that
appears to be the exception rather than the rule. On the other side of the channel
however it seems if u venture much below 10,000ft u are living dangerously.
A straffing run on a blue airfied is, as most red pilots can testify, almost inevitably a
kamikaze run. Ah well, we'll look back on these oddities in a few years once a SDK
has had time to be used by the community to iron out a lot of the bugs and the
game engine and FM/DM have been improved and we'll be saying "remember when
the game 1st came out and there was.....(fill in ur favourite gripe)"

Feb-10-2012, 09:53
Strange. I would say that 80% of the time I fly low (less than 1000 meters) over a AAA covered field for over 10 minutes on my 109, I get hit hard by flak and end up crash landing or limping back home.

However, I have noticed that if I'm constantly changing directions, flak tends to miss more but, if I start flying a predictable path, the AAA start zeroing on me.


Feb-10-2012, 10:14
Well perhaps in the near future we'll be manning those AAA guns and everyone can take their frustrations out that way if need be.:Grin:

Feb-10-2012, 12:19
LOL. I got a better chance of getting killed by my own aa ,then a german plane, their lead is just perfect when on the 6 of a bad guy ,it mostly always gets me :eek: i've even been hit by our flak taking off lmao, but maybe our flak don't recognize roundels :inq:

Feb-10-2012, 19:08
Well perhaps in the near future we'll be manning those AAA guns and everyone can take their frustrations out that way if need be.:Grin:

Yeah, saw that too on the Friday update. I hope that diversion hasn't been at
the expense of time and effort into fixing real issues. Being able to man a flak
battery might be cute but not worth dragging resources away from much needed
priorities. Just hope that sorta gimmick stuff doesn't create its own glitches.

Feb-10-2012, 19:18
I remember the fight you described, MoGas. He actually did get hit by AA when I was on his six. I got a few very good hits on him and he was venting badly then the AA got him as well but he still kept flying around! He landed on the field and jumped out about a second before I hit the pit which was annoying for me but well done to him.

Dawg, same thing the other day - I was flying with a new Blenheim pilot (Yellow14 I think) when a 109 spotted us near Littlestone. He latched onto me and Yellow chased to try and hit him with the blennie's gun but was soon PK'd by flak which was after the 109!