View Full Version : Patch 4.3 bug (black screen in the aircraft cabin) - FIXED

Jun-07-2014, 21:28
Dear friends! I'm having graphical issues after installing the 4.3 patch, a flashing shadow occurs in the cabin of the aircraft and only gets dark inside the aircraft.
Did the installation as tutorials erasing the cache in my documents folder 1C.
This happened shortly after formatting my PC so I'm installing from the beginning CLOD and as I said I did all the procedures of the tutorials.

System: Windows 7 64 Bit
Video Card: GTX 780
Processor: I7 4770K

If someone has a solution thanks.



Jun-07-2014, 22:16
Gentlemen, the problem was the drive of the GTX 780 that was outdated.
I updated to version 337.88

Problem solved.

Jun-07-2014, 22:35
Rgrt....Thanks for the bug fix...

JFYI..The mirrors don't work in CLOD and cause lag too so most of us have them turned off...