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Jun-08-2014, 13:50
Are there any North American squadrons that are very involved in Cliffs of Dover as their primary flight sim ?

Jun-10-2014, 04:26
4./JG26 of ACG are NA pilots only. The RAF in ACG spread our NA pilots across the 3 squadrons to keep the Hurricane/Spitfire ratio.

ACG has about 15~20 active NA guys, something like that.

Jun-10-2014, 12:58
I'll add this here in case others come to this thread based on the header (you already know about us, Recon).

No.401 Squadron is a N/A only group flying Allied aircraft. We currently operate exclusively in Cliffs of Dover, but that may change based on the outcome of IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad and the DCS World WWII projects.

We have our own dedicated server currently running a custom mission that simulates the landscape of the 1941 English Channel. We have our own dedicated TeamSpeak3 server. We have our own customized forum. We have our own FTP.

We host a weekly campaign mission each Saturday at 9pm EST in which you get to fly a full mission start to finish with realistic distance, combat possibilities, surprises, and targets. It's not 10 minutes up and down. It's 1.5 to 2 hours of fully immersive mission flying. As close to what the real pilots were dealing with as we can get it. It's not for everyone, but those who like it like it a lot. We fly as a team. Our group is for those wishing to simulate the whole combat WWII pilot experience and not just dogfight or blow things up.

We have close ties to |450| Squadron, an Australian group who flies with us in our Saturday missions and we try to accomodate the Australian timezones as much as possible. Mission time for the Aussies is noonish on Sunday.

Jun-10-2014, 21:54
Just to piggyback on Wolverine's post...the 401 Sqdn server is fun and strikes me as pretty realistic! Today Requiem and I were unable to get into ATAG's #2 Server (with AI bombers) so we logged onto 401 Sqdn.

We flew two long patrols before making contact. The first time we were over the French coast when we spotted a schwarm of AI 109s headed toward Hawkinge. As we turned into trail behind them, I spotted a (Human flown) 110 trying to sneak up on us. We did a cross turn to reverse into the 110...and he immediately bugged out east. We pushed the 110 to the French coast then reversed to find the 109s were now approaching head on with an altitude advantage...and there were six of them. And apparently they hit everything they shoot at.

Requiem damaged one, collided with another, whilst I took damage but managed to return to Hawkinge, landed successfully only to face plant my prop by clearly braking too hard.

We launched again, headed down toward the Isle of Wight based upon the bogey-dope, but missed the intercept. We turned east toward Abbeville, no flak until we descended out of 20,000' heading north along the French coast with the intent to shoot up an airfield. Lo and behold at least six 109s scrambled to intercept us. At the merge it became clear to us we had engaged more aces. In less than two turns Requiem had his right wing blown off whilst I was merely a high speed cheerleader spraying ball ammo and tracers ineffectively in the general vicinity of Requiem's multiple attackers. As a 30+ year fan of Monty Python I invoked King Arthur's command to "Run Away..." and dove for the water making a tactical retreat.

Did I mention the 401 Sqdn server is a hoot? (That's a good thing for non-American readers.) :thumbsup:

Jun-11-2014, 17:25
TWC Flies strictly allied except for training and we have quite a few north american pilots but we have English Dutch Australian and Italian if we count verto then Hawaiian pilots also strange time zone had to take a shot at him.But most of or 22 pilots are from N/A. We would also like to thank Wolverine for the fantastic 401 server we use to train in for more realistic training. We also use LeadFarmers Server to teach gunnery and navigation to our new pilots.Our squadron is on at various times since we cover the entire planet with members but 4 to 10 eastern the most are in here.

Jun-27-2014, 13:23
If any of you NA time zone guys/gals are interested in the closest thing to real life combat flying without the attached benefit of getting shot I would highly recommend signing up with one of the groups mentioned - I am a member of No.64 Squadron ACG and can attest to the real benefits of spending about 1.5 hours starting about 1300 hrs east coast time every Sunday - that is the only commitment you have to make - if you are looking for the real deal contact Osprey or Pitti at ACG :thumbsup: