View Full Version : No patch this week but it seems closer

Feb-14-2012, 17:41
According to Luthier (google translate)...

With the patch, the main task - graphics - is almost ready, but, as always, for three days on this part of it, two on the other, five on this one. The problems were only with decals yes yes sprite transparencies, until we solve as collect, verify until - well, not next week for sure.

From http://www.sukhoi.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=74480&p=1789544&viewfull=1#post1789544

I take it "well, not next week for sure" means some week soon.

Feb-14-2012, 18:43
This is lots better than "See ya, suckers!" :laugh1

Feb-14-2012, 21:17
I read that post at Sukhoi myself.

I think our mate Luthier was just being a bit tongue in cheek with the (now very tired) 'two weeks, be sure' joke.

Feb-14-2012, 23:26
This is very incouraging, much better than the last official Friday info from Black Six.

I read it as though the majority of the graphics code is finished but they are chasing down anomalies in various parts of the graphics code and can't determine if a fix in one area affects another. ergo, the time for completion is close but not specifically determined.

Hope they can pass on some other info like flight model fixes and other. Perhaps a sneak peak at the readme?