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Feb-15-2012, 09:09
I'm contemplating purchasing this (plus the required MS FSX) just to evaluate it and make comparisons to "our own" CoD versions. Anyone have any firsthand impressions of this specific add-on?

Feb-15-2012, 09:50
No, but I have 'Just Flight's' Spit and Hurri FSX add-ons, so it'd be a laugh to compare all three! :Grin:

Feb-15-2012, 10:07
That'd be cool!

I just hope I don't end up throwing rocks at CoD. LOL

Feb-17-2012, 02:52
They are very well made. The hangar feature is particularly good, you can do compression test on your engine, change the prop model etc etc.

If you are gonna get FSX, get yourself a couple of FTX scenery addons (New Zealans south island just released), and Real Environment Extreme (REX).

A2A have an excellent piper cub, the p47 rocks and their latest is a P40.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.


PS: rock throwing might very well ensue, be warned!!

Feb-17-2012, 08:04
If you are gonna get FSX, get yourself a couple of FTX scenery addons (New Zealans south island just released), and Real Environment Extreme (REX).

And this is the danger with FSX, it costs a fortune to get all the necessary add-ons!

I have REX and it's stunning. I also have VFR real scenery for the UK and GEX Europe. Plus a few payware a/c.

There're a lot of free downloads available though, including a gorgeous Tiger Moth and a T-45 Goshawk. Here's a few screenshots of a Goshawk with REX.

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Feb-17-2012, 08:42
Thanks, Furious and Dutch, this is useful info. Offhand, do either of you know if a third party has done SE England 1940's scenery (ie airfields)?

Feb-17-2012, 09:16
Not that I'm aware of. Even GEX doesn't represent a true reflection of the towns or major buildings now, let alone in 1940!

VFR scenery is photo-scenery, so has no 3D buildings at all, apart from airport terminals etc.

There are some very good ground scenery add-ons though, but no 'historical' ones to my knowledge.

I gave up buying add-ons a while back, mainly because for some reason FFB stopped working in FSX for me, and to date I've not been able to resolve the issue. Bummer.

Apr-22-2012, 10:17
So.....pre-patch I bit the bullet, pulled the trigger, what have you....and purchased FSX, A2A Wings of Power 3 Spitfire I & II plus the A2A Accusim addon, and REX. All installed smoothly (but took a long time to download & install -- no glitches, though).

A few quirks I had to work out re joystick/controller assignments. Reading the f'ing manual helps (so I could figure out how to gas up! LOL). Some quirks persist, like some key/lever assignments that don't "stick" and have to be re-assigned when starting the sim again. Patience is key, like anything else. These sims are complex bits of software, especially when you slap on third party addons, so little annoying things are bound to crop up. A visit to A2A's website & forum is a godsend....."search" is indeed your friend in this case since others inevitably have experienced the same little roadblocks as I have.

The Good:

1) This is truly a "study" sim (less ammo loadouts, of course :no )

2) Buttons, switches, levers, galore! They all work! :happy*

3) *ACCURACY* You just *know* these guys have done their homework. Their attention to fine detail is amazing. The Ia's prop was billed as a 2-speed, but the Spit pilots soon caught on that careful manipulation of the prop pitch control (it's not a lever, BTW, it's a plunger like a bicycle pump handle!) would give them variable pitch between Fine and Coarse! The performance benefits of this was enormous, but it was not Constant Speed like the IIa's, so care needed to be taken to monitor rpms and adjust pitch and boost as necessary. Easily done by ear, though, with practice.

4) Graphics: Animations are superb. Even the square instrument panel section directly under the gunsight vibrates separately from the rest of the instrument panel as it was designed to (as a shock/vibration-absorber for the sensitive instruments it contained).
The aircraft exterior is on a par with CoD. Cockpit shadows in CoD much superior to A2A's (which are very subtle).
Terrain graphics, even with Real Environment Extreme, are adequate -- not counting the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. IMHO. CoD's terrain and water are extremely good in comparison (not counting shimmering tree shadows and shimmering horizons). Haven't tried tropical islands/coral atolls yet.

5) Airports. Haven't explored too many. Got a kick out of flying out of Toronto's little commuter Island Airport, and the even smaller Waterloo Region Airport (where I live). Tons of default location worldwide; even more available for free and as payware.

The Bad:

1) Controller setup, as described earlier, can be a bit finicky. It's a combination of FSX setup and A2A's overlay of Spitfire-specific supplemental controller assignments. Sometimes the two just don't seem to play well together. Just pour another coffee (or lager) and figure it out. I never thought I'd say I was spoiled by CoD's controller GUI, but there you have it! LOL

2) Graphics. Trees, close up, are 2-dimensional cardboard cutouts. On the positive side, you can't fly through 'em. I tried! LOL. We're a bit spoiled by CoD's terrain graphics (which aren't perfect, either). CoD's water looks very good compared to the blue carpets used in FSX.

3) No guns. :shocked:

The Ugly:

1) Cost. I laugh when I see the whiners crying about the 50 bucks paid for CoD. I was well over $150 for FSX + A2A WOP3 Spitfire + A2A Accusim + Real Environment Extreme. And Dutch has warned me: it only starts there. At least I'm not paying extra for flare guns or coloured streamers! LOL

2) Did I say no guns earlier? Ugh x 1000! :pouting:

How does it fly? So far the Ia flies similarly to CoD's pre-nerfed/patched IIa. Much quicker warmup; much quicker take-off roll. Initial tests (flying level at 5000 feet) seem to resemble CoD's IIa for speed. More details on that at a later date when I've had a chance to familiarize myself with the busier cockpit drill. Feel-of-flight is similar to CoD's Spits -- less creaking at speed.

So far, it's been fun. More on this later with specifics.

Apr-22-2012, 11:31
Great info mate, keep it coming!!:happy

P.S. If you're not happy with the terrain, try 'Ground Environment X', should only be another $50 or so! :bgsmile:

Apr-30-2012, 04:58
I have a few of the ORBX scereries, they seem to be the best at the minute, and they have opened a UK office and have started covering all of the uk. The first will be England ofc, then the rest to follow. The good thing about ORBX is that all their stuff is hand finished instead of just photoreal scenery so the 3d scenery is all there. Australia is a good one to buy at the minute cos they have the whole continent on one dvd for sale

Apr-30-2012, 07:26
Thanks, Peaveywolf, will have to check out ORBX. I got UTX-Canada which has done a good job on the waterways, highways, and other major landmarks. Can't find my house though. Wanted to land on the hydro clearance strip behind and taxi up to my backyard. :bgsmile:

Apr-30-2012, 07:50
Plenty of vids on you tube with OrbX and rex. And their American series goes into Canada also, Vancouver to be precise and the northern Rockies. Plus they got 44% off in April, so not really long to go on that one.