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Jun-14-2014, 15:43
Hello people,

I've been trying to get '46' installed on a computer that runs windows 8.1 without success. 8.1 really doesn't like the '46' CD. So, I went through GOG and downloaded the '46' data and patches and mods onto my 8.1 machine and had some problems. '46' data is installed in OS(C) -GOG Games-IL2 sturmavik 1946. All of the data is in the '46' folder but when I run setup it can't find the (1)Bin file to get things going. Even when I "browse" and direct setup to the correct folder. I would appreciate any suggestions. I'd really like to get this on the new computer. The old XP computer was good in it's day but tends to get the herky jerkies when too much is going on, onscreen.

Jun-16-2014, 12:16
Hey Steve I don't know if you were able to get your setup going, but I have something that might work and if you have IL-2 on another computer just copy the whole IL-2 folder it to a memory stick and then transfer it to your newer 8.1 comp to see if that works. I have Win 8 and it IL-2 works great, plus with some changes to the conf and nvidia settings panel.......you get INCREDIBLE looking water/terrain/ac's!!

Jun-16-2014, 21:10
I am not sure how much help you will get here as most fly CLOD....There are a lot of squads who still fly IL2 1946...My other squad still runs a server for IL2 1946 and are a very friendly bunch...If you get no joy here then go to those forums and copy and paste your question there....I am sure you will get help...

Here is the website..



Welcome to the community and forums Stevekak ....~S~

Good to have you with us buddy...and remember its all about the Fun!!!


Oct-30-2014, 09:38
HI (and thx Lew ...I come from www.skiesoffire.org)

Snachito is right. You simply need to copy your entire 1946 folder to your new PC and find the "exe" (why are you searching a .bin file ?).
Make a shortcut to your desktop and you are ready to go ! The game is still awesome and unrivaled in many aspects

battler britain
Dec-17-2014, 22:16
hello, i have recently bought a new gaming desktop and was having problems installing il246 solved the problem
by copying and pasting folder from my old computer to the new one and it works perfectly.
I have a new Nvidia gtx970 4gb card and it plays all my combat sims on high settings.Merry Christmas to everyone happy flying.

Dec-18-2014, 11:42
cool tip, thanks!