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Jun-16-2014, 14:04
Whilst I was setting up my windows ingame I noticed a window that said Teamspeak. Is there a way other than the overlay which I can not seem to get working to show TS in Game.

Jun-16-2014, 14:30
You must have the .dll file provided by TF with the 4.0 patch (and/or later) in your teamspeak/plugins folder. Then choosing 'teamspeak' in the info window will work with it to show the channel occupants, or just who is talking, depending on how you set it up. Follow some threads in the Teamspeak section of this forum to get the overlay working for you, this one for starters: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6764


Jun-16-2014, 14:40
You can find the plugin in your game install folder.
You'll need to manually copy it to the TS folder.

Jun-16-2014, 15:03
you also need to be using the right version of TS. Version is the one you want, the latest version will not work with this plug in

Jun-16-2014, 15:31
Thanks for the info gents