View Full Version : Ok had some time - about stats

Jun-28-2014, 21:41

I have had some time to look at C# and the stats system, and have come to the following conclusion.

It would be to time consuming and lengthy to rely on me writing a stats system - what I can, and more than gladly will, do is to bring some experience to the table about how to organize the stats and how to integrate and present in a web context.

I did post a few attempts on how to organize said data, but it seems that there is a lot of focus on what we want in there - rather than how we build it - which is understandable.

However this leads me to believe that the kind of stats system we will get eventually will be the brainchild of one person, with inputs from the community on the bells and whistles part.

But as I said, the timespan for me to deliver a stats system with no knowledge on the game and the community would be way to lengthy for anyone to be happy, so instead I will offer my original intended services again and more than gladly help to bring said stats to a web interface :D


Jun-30-2014, 03:45