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Mar-02-2012, 23:43
Wasn't sure where to post this, so feel free to move it mods.

Had a good fly on the server tonight, but the whole experience has been tinted by the really bad lag i, and others, see when trying to get to grips with other planes.

On three occasions in a 20 minute period i had a 110 in my sights, and on every occasion as soon as i was in a position to fire, my frame rate dropped to zero. Whilst i was unable to make any input to fire or manoeuvre, the 110 and his wingman were firing at me. My frame rate remained at zero just long enough for me to be shot up, and then launcher crash. The three other people i was on teamspeak with had exactly the same problem with the same group of aircraft, sudden fps loss which remained for a few seconds before launcher crash.

When i reloaded, i asked about it in the chat and was told it's the same for everyone. If it is, then why were the same group of blue aircraft still flying and able to shoot down multiple red? Is there more detail in some blue aircaft?

Someone also said it was down to the aircraft models, so i have a few questions about that;

What settings can be altered to improve this? I tried setting aircraft detail to low, and the friendly planes looked blocky and low resolution on the ground, but the opponents still looked to be high res models. Does this sound right, and are there any other settings i can alter?

It looks like LOD groups are used, but are they used wisely? Are the cockpits still drawn for every aircraft when online, and does anyone know if its just LOD groups or is additive type LOD used to add in high details only when you are really close to another model?

The modelling of the aircraft is bloody impressive, obviously there are a lot of poly's in each cockpit, but surely there are low res versions of every aircraft, minus the cockpits for multiplayer flight?

I'm enjoying the game so far, but this zero fps and launcher crash incident occurring so frequently is really putting me off now. Is it really the same for everyone, and if so how do you all cope? Help me see the light guys, please! :thumbsup:

Mar-03-2012, 00:17
:hpyclp: :welcome!: Welcome to ATAG M8. Nice seeing you on the server!

Mar-03-2012, 03:59
Thanks Doc!

I just read some threads on the 1c forum, they seem to answer some of my questions about the crashes and performance problems. I'm looking forward to the next patch everyone is referring to.

I didn't realise the issues i was experiencing were a result of the base game being badly optimised. I kind of thought it might be a server or multiplayer issue. My bad! :blush!:

I am shocked though that it's taken a year for them to fix this. I'm used to getting beta versions on release (X-Plane!) but it looks like Clod was in an alpha state on release, and is a buggy beta now. Roll on a stable release!

Mar-03-2012, 08:01
Hi Tonka and welcome to the ATAG Forum!

The launcher CTD's could drive anyone nuts. As you've already seen in http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?867-Launcher-Shortcut-for-IL2COD ......the .bat file really speeds up the exit/restart process.

Another tip which I found made a huge difference on eliminating the CTD's is before each session to delete the Cache folder from the 1C Softclub parent folder (C:\Your Documents\1C Softclub\IL2 Sturmovik\Cache

That includes deleting the Shaders subfolder residing inside the Cache folder. Both the Cache and its Shaders subfolder get automatically rebuilt when you restart CoD. Until I started doing this I was getting CTD's about every half hour -- usually when engaging an enemy aircraft. I've not had a CTD this year, and I try to get in about 2 hours online every day.

Further to this, if you have been adding patches or other mods to CoD over the months, a complete renewal may be in order. Not just a Steam file integrity check, but a complete deletion of EVERYTHING CoD-related, including the 1C Softclub folder up in Your Documents. Once everything is deleted, have Steam download and install CoD back on your PC once again. Admittedly I was skeptical when I heard of this, but was amazed at the loss in stutters when I got around to doing it. If you have a new installation of the current version of CoD, then this obviously doesn't apply.

Good luck with this and keep us posted!


EDIT: Before deleting CoD, save elsewhere (or rename temporarily) your Confusers.ini folder to preserve your key assignments. Phew! Just thought of that -- otherwise you'd be cursing me out having to redo them!!!! LOL

Mar-03-2012, 11:11
Thanks Snapper! I see you're in TS now, look forward to flying with you in a short while.

Yes, the bat file really helps. Also, i am sure the contacts are easier to spot after removing the cache folder. It may be a placebo effect, but i swear i can see them from further away now. No CTD's yet today, a few slowdowns from severe smoke trails, but the framerate picked back up soon enough.

Thanks for the tip about the confusers.ini too, that file-name is kind of ironic though!


Mar-03-2012, 12:03
Heh, not sure if deleting the Cache file helps in spotting distant aircraft......but if you find it does -- great! :thumbsup:

Once in a while when engaged in a big furball over a coastal airfield I'll sense the framerates dropping off -- probably a CTD is imminent. Usually I'll disengage immediately and head for sea, all the while keeping my gaze skyward to bring the fps back up. I've probably averted the occasional CTD doing that, but I HATE leaving a good fight for ANY reason!

Mar-03-2012, 12:45
Yep me too. I think its such a shock to the newbies because you have to work so hard to get on the tail of something that you are determined not to lose it! Breaking off is the last thing you want to do!

Its probably a placebo effect with seeing the aircraft easier, or i had something dodgy in there before i cleared the cache that is now fixed. Still no CTD's yet today. :thumbsup:

Mar-03-2012, 17:28
Hi Tonka,

I think many of those problems you are experiencing are because of the fine tuning you need to do to get your game running just right. We've been playing for a while now and know when and what causes the bad FPS. We end up working around it by changing our settings, lowering the resolution a bit, restarting after every sortie etc.

To give you an idea. I had a launcher crash last night and it was the 1st one I'd had in weeks. Regardless though, I think you're hopping into the action at a good time. From reading the 1C forums, a major performance patch is just around the corner. Let's just hope it fixes many of these issues!.

Mar-04-2012, 06:33
No CTD's yet today, a few slowdowns from severe smoke trails, but the framerate picked back up soon enough.

There is a bug that occasionally causes a large white smoke cloud to be emitted
from an aircraft. Flying into that or flying behind an aircraft manifesting that bug
will almost cause your pc to lock up. This is different to a normal trail of dark
smoke or fuel/coolant venting from a damaged plane. You will know it when u see
it. Just keep clear of any aircraft doing that or only attack it from in front or a
high deflection angle. Other issue u may or may not be aware of is the poor or
lack of implementation of sli or crossfire. Don't know if u are running sli/xfire but
some report better performance with just the single card.

Mar-05-2012, 10:45
Thanks Torian & Bliss,

Yes the big plumes of white smoke are a real problem at times, but at least we can turn away to get the out of our view and allow the fps to recover.

Not had a crash in a few days now. Looks like deleting the cache, exiting the game very few sorties and lowering the graphical options has helped here. Its not ideal, but at least it works now.

I think i've hopped in at a good time too, and i look forward to sticking around for a while and getting to know you all and the game a little more.

Cheers all!:thumbsup: