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Jul-21-2014, 08:19
As some of you may know we of JG4 try to get a flight organized each month where we gather as many of our pilots as possible. Yesterday we had another one such event and also had some other squadrons participate upon invitation. We want to say thanks to all people involved! We had a blast flying with you and are very much looking forward to next month`s "Geschwaderflug", as we call it!

Enjoy some footage of it:









From one of our last get-togethers:


We are looking for the next event and will let you know the date! See you soon!

Jul-21-2014, 09:34
I was (perhaps) fortunate not to run into you fellows en masse like that! Very impressive, and you helped Blue come *extremely* close to winning the Fall Rot map with your bombing missions. Great example of squadron team play!

For those not there, three Blenheims plus escort took out their last target at Arras just one minute before JG4 & Co. blew up Le Havre and achieved all of Blue's objectives. Best mission I've played in some time!

~S~ to all of you!

Jul-21-2014, 09:43
:salute: JG4 , that looks great!

Jul-21-2014, 13:07
Was great fun indeed! Lets see what the next one holds

Jul-21-2014, 13:49
Great show JG4!


Jul-21-2014, 14:54
-the Stuka raid-

Afraid it was me that "finally found You" about 5miles south of Dunkirk..northbound.
What a fantastic sight! So many Stukas in a nice formation..!
Awesome !
Nearly forgot my Spit allready was crippled by flak, vibrating like a rattlesnake on a bumpy road :-/
Felt almost guilty diving in on You guys, but a man got to do...
Got a couple of rounds in one or two aft Stukas before my engine stops.

No problem. Within gliding distance of Oye-Plage, and You guys was heading for our ships, I thought..
Ohwell. Fortunately I was able to "study" Your beautiful attac on Oye-Plage before touchdown.

Most impressive indeed :thumbsup:
More more !


Jul-21-2014, 15:45
Big thanks to all the participating squadrons and pilots, especially Gr.129, EG14 and our brave escort fighters of 9./JG52. Great that you made it despite the short-term notification!

Nice as well that some red fighters showed up. Enemy fighters are "the salt in the soup" in every mission. Though they have to appear in the right balance. It is not so much fun if all bombers are shot down... :D

@RebelSqurl: On our long flight to our target I always kept an eye on your fast bombing progress. Well done!

@Jeepy: I think your Stukas were not us - we were flying on the France map and attacked the target south of Amiens. But who cares as long as you had a great flight! :thumbsup:

9./JG52 Ziegler
Jul-21-2014, 16:53
Lots of fun and looking forward to doing it again when called upon. :salute:

Jul-23-2014, 16:10
It was great flights! Lookin forward for the next time! :salute:

9./JG52 Lopp
Jul-31-2014, 17:50
Had a great time! thanks for posting the videos.

9./JG52 Meyer
Aug-01-2014, 05:36
Yup me too great fun as Escorting Staffel :thumbsup:

9./JG52 Lopp
Aug-05-2014, 19:19
Looking forward to the next one.

Aug-22-2014, 19:42
We had another such event today flying a whole bunch of different sorties - here's some screenshots taken from video footage of the flights (videos are still uploading and will be processed)

First sortie of the day - We attack Crepon airfield with a bunch of Ju88s - Bombs are spot on!

Next sortie, next map (Sea Lion) - We take off on a JaBo sortie but are already engaged over our home turf - PK'ing a Hurricane headon

Our Bf109E-4/Bs hit targets near Dover harbor, both are taken out!



After dropping my bombs at the AAA emplacements at the coast I proceed to cover the 2nd wave of JaBos - Taking out a Spitfire right over Dover


Another one is shot off the tail of a friendly Bf109 out towards water south of Dover


After being wounded by a Spitfire firing from long 6 I keep my station and take part in the take down of another Spitfire


Back at base coming in for a landing I spot a Blenheim going for a run - Of course such shenanigans cannot be tolerated by the mighty Luftwaffe!


Yet another sortie, this time a gaggle of Bf110s targets Ashford. I initially was flying a Bf110 myself but flying at low level and perfectly straight was rammed by a random Bf109. Tried to bail but was at too low and altitude so I did... and did twice! I happened to be in the gunner seat a few seconds before the collision and was credited 2 deaths. Anyways, I tried to race after our mighty Bf110 swarm and managed to hook up with them near English Point. Looking down I found a juicy Hurricane waiting to get harvested.


And a Spitfire is brought down in the same area, just south of Ashford


And a little dogfight anatomy thrown in:

I had a 15min engagement with ATAG_Snapper in a Spitfire Mk.IIa. We sort of met near Ashford, I had spotted him in my long rear quarter, wasnt sure if he had seen me but he was faster and slightly higher. I decided to bug out and try to get some altitude. Unfortunately he must have seen me and tried to close in.


From Ashford he followed me all the way down to English Point and to my horror did he not only manage to keep up but even closed the distance on my Bf109E-4/N.


Eventually he got so close that I had to juke him so I nose down, went back up, scissored and eventually got him to overshoot. Unfortunately my aiming after 4h of concentrated flight had taken a hit and I was not on top of my game. I only managed to put a few MG rounds into him which probably did not hurt him all too much.


After the unsuccessful scissors fight I evaded his attack again and forced him to do a full 270° turn while I kept on straight determined to eventually outclimb him which i did


My time had finally come and I swooped down on him putting a few 20mm into his wing



From there on the tables had been reversed for good and he found himself on the defensive. Our fight brought us over English Point once again.


His aircraft eventually started to cough up all sorts of liquids and out of control he went down at the coast



I have to salute Snapper for one of the most nerve-wrecking fights I have experienced in weeks if not months, you did an absolute grand job of keeping me on my toes!

Aug-22-2014, 20:51
Thanks, mate, feelings are mutual! :salute:

It was a grand fight, but when you put that big hole into my starboard wing I should've just bailed out then and there! LOL


Aug-22-2014, 21:06
You had a busy session Snap. You chased me for over 20mins I think and eventually it paid off for you -nice work. And u had this long engagement as well.

Good stuff.


Aug-23-2014, 12:00
Our group took part only in the first flight on 88-th...Great! Waitin for next time on 87-th...:)

Aug-25-2014, 13:46
Finally got around to editing all the different videos of the day, uploading the result to YT and adding video annotations


Aug-25-2014, 17:04
Great video, Karaya! :thumbsup:

I confess I fast forwarded to our encounter over St. Mary's Bay in the last 20 minutes. That was a great fight! :salute:

Aug-25-2014, 21:03
Great video, Karaya! :thumbsup:

I confess I fast forwarded to our encounter over St. Mary's Bay in the last 20 minutes. That was a great fight! :salute:

I remember a nice dogfight between the 2 of us some month ago... ended in a head on :)

Aug-26-2014, 15:28

It's always nice see the JG4 in action!


Aug-26-2014, 15:31
I remember a nice dogfight between the 2 of us some month ago... ended in a head on :)

Weren't you flying a G50? IIRC you flew that thing extremely well and gave me a very hard time in my Spittie! :salute:

9./JG52 Ziegler
Aug-26-2014, 17:12
1:27:37 The old vanishing Blennie trick! :salute:

Aug-26-2014, 23:01
Weren't you flying a G50? IIRC you flew that thing extremely well and gave me a very hard time in my Spittie! :salute:

No no no Snapper not a G50.
I think it was the Dünkirchen map and we had a little fight close to the coast.

Didn´t i sent you a short video of it?