View Full Version : How to get Sunderlands & the like to takeoff & land on water ?

Jul-21-2014, 09:45
Is there a way to get floatplanes to takeoff and land on water at a designated place of the map builder's choice ?
Have tried placing an airfield and spawn areas on water but planes are destroyed as soon as they spawn for takeoff.
Aircraft also won't land on water.

Jul-21-2014, 11:35
You need create a airfield in the water - when appear the yellow boards at side of "runway"...

The only seaplane that behavior "+, -" is Sunderland, but take long time to stop.

He-115 have "cat syndrome", touch water and start jumping crazy.

Walrus take off and landing with wheels down, with cause unpredictable consequences.

In resume, actually seaplanes and some small boats (some "fly" if stop move, other became a "submarine") is a no go.


Jul-23-2014, 07:51
Custom airfield on water is problematic. I've found great difficulty getting float planes to takeoff & land properly from waterbases. I usaully use scripts to spawn a plane low & fast over the base to simulate takeoff, and despawn an aircraft when it's low enough over the base to simulate landing.