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Mar-06-2012, 14:59
Hi all,

It's only been, umm, about 3 months since our dedicated machine for server #1 has been restarted. Everytime I think I'll get a chance to do a little maintenance on the beast, there's always someone playing or in TS3.

With that said, we DO need to perform some computer maintenance in a bad way. Today has got to be that day. With that said, in an hour 4PM EST the machine will be rebooted and updated. TS3 will be down for 5 minutes tops. The game server will be down for just a tad longer as we install a new program for IL2COD and update windows.

Just FYI.. When it goes down it won't be down long. And server #2 will be up and be able to fly on.



Mar-06-2012, 15:57
Updated windows / installed new IL2COD programmer / now in the process of restarting the machine. All should be back in just a couple minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Mar-06-2012, 16:33
Ok all done! :runaway:

Mar-06-2012, 16:39
Thanks Bliss!


Mar-06-2012, 17:30
Thanks!!!! :thumbsup:

Mar-06-2012, 18:14

Missed it.

That means I can't moan about it.

Ah well, I'm sure there'll be something.......:sad!: