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Jul-31-2014, 03:34


XVII. Fliegerkorps
The 17th Luftwaffe Flying Corps

The XVII. Fliegerkorps is an online unit. We were founded on 18-May-2014 and made our first official public appearance on 25-Jul-2014. However, our group has a long history of playing a Kriegsmarine simulation and our Luftwaffe work reflects this heritage. We specialise in coastal and maritime bombing operations, typically with German aircraft. We are not adverse to long missions, formation flying and carefully plotted courses over long stretches of featureless land and sea. Our group takes delight in the complex management of the larger aircraft and the constant tweaking and training required for optimal performance.

We believe in winning maps as a team and focus on mission objectives, rather than individual scores and statistics. We strive to play in a realistic manner and use historical tactics and operations. And we do whatever we can to survive our missions and bring our aircraft home safely. The choice of XVII. Fliegerkorps as a unit name was made to match our naval operations and to avoid using an actual historical unit name/number (the real Fliegerkorps during WWII were numbered from I to XIV). And, by using a non-Geschwader organisational unit, we can readily accommodate different aircraft types and participate in campaigns without being at odds with our unit designation.

The aim of the this post is to introduce ourselves to the IL-2 Cliffs of Dover community. No doubt you will see us take to the air (watch for our "xvii-" player tags) and do feel free to fly alongside our bomber groups or as fighter escort. And, if you are interested in joining us, feel free to check our website (http://nordfront.org/xvii).

In closing, you have a fantastic community here and we are delighted to have found it and to join in. So, to the ATAG team, and all the other virtual squadrons... Salute!

Unit Kommandant,
XVII. Fliegerkorps



Jul-31-2014, 11:39
AKA_Blasto and I shot down one of your bomber when you raided Granvillier last night. It was nice to see a formation of unescorted bombers making a raid. looking forward to doing it again, too bad the London Raids map isn't in the rotation anymore!

Welcome to CLoD, the more targets the better!



Jul-31-2014, 13:33
Enjoyed flying with your squadron a few nights ago - your definitely going to make fighting against the Luftwaffe even that much harder!

When I flew on Axis side, I was enjoying the good communication and teamwork from your group


9./JG52 Hans Gruber
Aug-01-2014, 23:40
Welcome to the community. If you ever need escort give 9./JG52 a ring. Add me on Steam @ 9./JG52 Hans Gruber.

Aug-02-2014, 01:05
Thank you very much Hans!A fighter escort is very very very well appreciated! :salute:

Aug-05-2014, 06:59
Love it when you fellas are on the server, keep up the good work lads.


Sep-20-2014, 15:35
The XVII. Fliegerkorps has prepared a short video. It shows our take on the Cliffs-of-Dover experience... as seen from our bomber perspective of course! And we'd like to it share with everyone here at ATAG. Enjoy.



Sep-28-2014, 07:27
Bump for awesome bombers.

Sep-28-2014, 08:11
I have not seen this great video in the first place, so thanks for bumping!

The video deserves much more attention. Beautifully done! :thumbsup:

Edit: Dietrich, in the "Sim Theater" it would probably reach a broader audience. Of course, you would also be able to place a link to this recruitment topic.

Sep-28-2014, 08:30
Awesome video, great editing!
Thanks for share!

Sep-28-2014, 19:52
Dietrich, did five of you guys level bomb the airfield Crepon today?

If so: Well done! :thumbsup:

Sep-28-2014, 20:27
Dietrich, did five of you guys level bomb the airfield Crepon today?
If so: Well done! :thumbsup:

Actually, it wasn't us! *blush* I think it might have been the vit group with their He 111s?

Our group did fly solidly all night though and obliterated many of the targets on the Sealion map that followed. Of course, it's not just us. There were many other bombers flying tonight and we had fantastic support from the fighters (and stiff resistance from the RAF too). Salute to all!

Thanks also for the tip regarding the video and the Sim Theatre. S!

Sep-28-2014, 20:32
Roger. Whoever we escorted it was a nice mission. And nevertheless, very nice to have such extra dedicated bomber pilots on the map. :salute: