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Jul-31-2014, 15:49
I usually use TS but I still have to wait for the Invitation to join TS be fore I can join the mission on the server. Is there a way to op out of the invitation page and just go to the mission and just fly? I know it is not a big deal but it seem like a long time with everything else that has to load when joining the game.

:grandpa :snoopy:

Jul-31-2014, 20:29

I'm not following you Chair.

Aug-01-2014, 08:08
when logging on to the server to join the online multiplayer just before you can choose which side to play on there is a screen that displays asking you to join TS. This screen on my system takes time to display and I can't continue until it does and I respond to it . It is really do big deal I was just wondering if there is a setting somewhere that I could choose to bypass this screen from appearing?:grandpa

Aug-01-2014, 09:42
Sadly the screen is part of the damage stats you see when you hit escape.
The time it takes is not the screen itself but the loading of the "plugin".

Aug-01-2014, 21:50
Thank you sir