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Mar-08-2012, 05:07
Flying bombers in il2 46, I used to regularly hop into a defensive gunner position to duel with fighters.In CoD, I don't seem to do this so much, if at all. Mainly because I find the whole gunner control system in CoD clunky in the extreme, but also because just flying a multi engine plane is pretty much a full time job! I currently flick between two positions, pilot and bomb aimer, and leave the ai to get on with defense. Of course, ideally I try to avoid fighters altogether! ;)

Mar-08-2012, 08:57
I actually never really under stood doing that while trying to fly the plane at the same time. I have better luck flying the plane in defensive maneuvers and let the A.I. gunner do his job (not that he is all that effective

In COD you move into a gunner position and it VOIDS that A.I. it will no longer work

What I have enjoyed is moving into the gunner position in an aircraft that is being flown by another multi player person. I have a separate profile for my Saitek 52 for gunner position. Thats been a hoot.


Mar-08-2012, 10:09
In Ju-88 they work after I move back to say bomber position and then pilot.

Mar-08-2012, 16:00
In Ju-88 they work after I move back to say bomber position and then pilot.

Really !!!! if that works in an 88 has to work in the blenheim ???

any body else wanna chirp in here !!


Mar-08-2012, 17:41
In Ju-88 they work after I move back to say bomber position and then pilot.

I'll have to try this out. Every plane I've swapped to the gunner and back, my gunner goes to sleep the entire round. Are you saying you swap to the bombadier then to the pilot Doc? And then it works?

Mar-08-2012, 17:49
My understanding is if you move from the gunner's position to the bombardier, then to the pilot the AI will "man" the gunner's spot. But as Knuckles pointed out defensive manoeuvring is a better proposition.

As the Blenny does not have autopilot in any capacity, as I understand it, it is a moot point about moving to the gunner's position. The bf 110 has autopilot so I have considered moving to the gunner's spot but I am guessing when I go back to the pilot the AI will not take over. Once again, defensive manoeuvring, with some input and firing from the AI gunner is better than no feedback from the gunner. Of course, a human gunner is the best solution.

Mar-14-2012, 08:35
The 88 ai gunners mostly work as long as the guns are not switched to single shot mode.

Its a lot of fun flying in reverse from the ventral spot though:2guns

Mar-15-2012, 02:26

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