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Aug-02-2014, 13:13
I was watching this very helpful video for help on taking off with the hurricane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7DCNfa4ju0
At about 2:50 he sets prop-pitch, and you can visually see the propellors changing angle. However, when I toggle the prop-pitch, nothing happens.

As far as I'm aware I'm using the exact same airplane as him, and have all the graphics on full/high
Anything I could be doing wrong?

The pitch slider does slide up and down when I press the button.

Thanks in advance! (again!)

Aug-02-2014, 13:34
This video - posted in 06/08/2011 - was done with CloD "release" version.

The posterior patchs cut various features, in favor of trying to make the CloD run on " 2006 computers w/Win XP" - as announced (http://il2sturmovik.ubi.com/cliffs-of-dover/en-GB/game-info/pc-configuration/index.aspx) ...

Prop pitch animations is one of these.

So, consider all YT CloD videos done before December, 2013 only as curiosity as was the "Alpha" version...


Aug-02-2014, 13:59
Intriguing choice to just completely remove it, but at least it's solved! Thanks a lot!
Aaaaaaaand...I'm consistently managing to take off in the hurricane! Yay! Getting there!

Aug-03-2014, 02:25
In the Spitfire, if you watch the propeller blades before start up when adjusting the pitch You WILL see the blades change position. Or, at least I see it in my game patched up to work on ATAG. I hardly ever fly the hurricane so I have never had much of a chance to look.

Like most things Spitfire, its some Very sexy stuff. :D