View Full Version : Friday updates temporarily suspended?

Mar-14-2012, 15:52
From: BlackSix

"The patch can be ready in any day.
On Fridays we publish information updates about the current situation and the next game. Friday updates and patch are not connected.

But, considering negative mood of users, we can stop to publish information updates on Fridays for a while. "

from post #1579


From: MajorBorris

The idiots at the yellow forum have achieved there "second objective"

Mar-14-2012, 16:05
Yep, I was watching it all unfurl.

But post #179 here is encouraging,


Mar-14-2012, 16:50
Ya thats alot of stuff. I like how it tends towards imerssion:thumbsup:

Mar-14-2012, 22:06
Ya thats alot of stuff. I like how it tends towards imerssion:thumbsup:

1.11 Type of improvement: Please put 1 bridge on the Fields Online Map (Land$Online_Map2) in the next patch.

That was my request! Awesome.

I may have started that thread and there were a lot of idiots. But BS has delivered and look at all that lovely info.

Gives people a good idea why patch can take a while cause they are working so hard to put so much great stuff in.

Mar-14-2012, 22:06
I think that 1C is merily going to stop the update posts since so many people have nothing to do with their pea brain lives other than speculate .......

Mar-15-2012, 04:37
The list looks good at first sight but there are two glaring omissions;

1. No multiplayer pause key. An old nut I know but surely necessary for convenience; it's frustrating being bounced whilst a chap is attempting to roll his baccy or refresh his snorter!

2. No tyre pressures modelled. As Temporary Unofficial Assistant Chief Tyre Pressure Checker for the squad, I have an interest.

Otherwise it's encouraging!


Mar-15-2012, 04:52
I like the pause key idea, that would come in handy when tracer starts flying past the windows.
As for the rest of it, I'll just go back to pulling my hair out...

Mar-15-2012, 09:01
Ya thats alot of stuff. I like how it tends towards imerssion:thumbsup:

6.17 Type of improvement: Historical / Immersion

This is my suggestion. Neat!