View Full Version : Feedback requested for Grouped moving objectives please...

Mar-14-2012, 19:00
I have been working hard on mission scripting for Bliss and have a fix that will provide moving target objectives for both air and ground. Also Grouped target objectives for moving targets (eg. Both columns or both air groups must be destroyed to meet objectives). Trains are not possible at this time due to game issues not coding.

I have implemented the new scripting and is in the process of testing in ATAG Server. There are zero FPS hit to game and no identifiable increase in CPU usage.

So something of a new dynamic to the server to look forward to.

I would be happy to take suggestions of objective types you may like to see

Examples of grouped objectives:
Column A and Column B must survive travelling from Cantabury to Dover

Bomber group A & group B must be 50% destroyed

AI fighter patrol group 109 A & 110 group B must be 50% destroyed


Mar-14-2012, 19:22
This sounds great, my initial reaction would be to stay away from AI fighters though; would get too confusing. Fast moving naval patrols and ground supply columns would be a great start. I do like the bomber idea too.