View Full Version : Want to try the Dora ? Ive got a Key to give away !

Aug-20-2014, 05:25
Hi all. Being a Backer, Ive got 2 keys for all planes to be released in DCS WW2...I decided to come to ATAG and offer my extra Key (to try the Dora) to the Site I like the most.
This is just a goodwill gesture to my fellow pilots on ATAG. I've got a FW 190 in the Hanger with no Pilot !...PM me and its yours !

Aug-20-2014, 05:57
Wow, what a generous offer. I have downloaded the DCS world and played with the P51 that came with it but sadly I just haven't the time to fly seriously for the forseeable future so it would be better for someone who could get more enjoyment from it. Whoever the lucky begger may be.

Aug-20-2014, 06:11
I already have the FW190 and I have gifted my extra Dora key as well, but I know many members of my squadron who might be very interested to give this bird a try. I could certainly find someone and give them a personal training if you send it to me ;)

If you find someone in need, though... give it to them first. I won't mind at all.

Aug-20-2014, 06:56
Wow, what a generous offer.

+1 :cheers:

Aug-20-2014, 07:42

That's nice Jaydee!


Aug-20-2014, 08:39
Very cool of you to do this :thumbsup:

Aug-20-2014, 09:15
Top Gesture Jaydee...~S~

Aug-20-2014, 17:42
The Dora has Got a Home Guys. ~S~

Aug-26-2014, 07:47
Looks i was too late :) Got P-51 and enjoy it a lot.

I think DCS with WW2 planes and map will be the best sim in future.

Anyway good gesture :thumbsup:

Aug-26-2014, 09:17
It's generous folks like you that make this sim community special. :salute: