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Aug-24-2014, 11:52
I've just started playing CoD (v4.312) on a reasonably 'fit' AMD Windows 7 machine, having purchased through 'Steam'.
My wish is to fly a 109 in this game, but it won't let me save an Axis pilot, nor indeed an Axis plane. Reverts to British pilot and spitfire every time !

I've not seen this referred to anywhere, so if anyone has an idea that would be great...


Aug-24-2014, 12:47
Hi Zooropa and welcome to the forum! :salute:

I guess you are referring to the Single Player missions which, unfortunately, are hard coded. You'll notice that the ammo loadouts also cannot be changed. The only way around this is a royal PITA: you have to open the Single and Quick Missions in the Full Mission Builders where you can alter and adjust them to your preferences, then do a "Save As" with a different name. It's a bug (or feature) depending on your point of view. Admittedly it would be so much better to be able to save them as you describe, perhaps with a Default or Reset function to put your changes back to the original parameters as desired.

So if we can lure you into our Multiplayer ATAG Server, you can change loadouts and save 'em as much as you wish! :devilish:



Aug-24-2014, 13:41
Never had a problem in Single Player missions.
Load mission, look at the screen where it shows you the allied and axis aircraft involved in the mission.
Click on the pilot icon above the aircraft you want to fly.....then fly :)

Or click on the pilot icon above the side you want to fly on, then click in the window below it where the aircraft icon appears and choose the aircraft type you want to fly.

Works for me :)

Aug-24-2014, 13:51
Thanks Snapper, will try that in the fmb. Need to learn to stop frying these engines which don't seem as forgiving as in 1946 !
I confess to being a 262 jockey predominantly (I know, i should appologise), and sometimes an Albatross or DVII in RoF - lurching at the extremes as usual ! Fabulous fun either way.
So yes, once I get refreshed on the old engine management business I may well pit my wits against some of you pro's, it's probably about time I found out I'm not half as good as I thought I was !

Nice One,
Zooropa Fly.

Aug-24-2014, 14:06
Oh yeah - click on the pilot.. DOH !

I think I understand it all now - cheers for pointin' that out Mystic Puma.