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Aug-28-2014, 14:16

Aug-28-2014, 15:02
Pre-ordered, it looks fantastic

Aug-28-2014, 15:57
Yep!!! Got S\N already!!! :)

implicit A
Aug-28-2014, 16:36

looks awesome!


Aug-28-2014, 22:25

Aug-29-2014, 04:42
Really hoping the EDGE/DCS v2.00 update is not too far away

Foul Ole Ron
Aug-29-2014, 10:55
From what little I've heard EDGE is shaping up quite well. If ED are clever they'll do a beta release towards the end of the year to keep everybody happy and they can continue to work out any kinks then in early 2015. We'll see though.

Aug-29-2014, 12:51
Will EDGE be released in a free patch or does it cost something?

Aug-29-2014, 12:52
Yep!!! Got S\N already!!! :)

Same here.:thumbsup:

Aug-29-2014, 14:51


Aug-29-2014, 17:18
Same here.:thumbsup:

Me too...but:

Sorry, but the product files are not available at the moment

Aug-29-2014, 17:55
Will EDGE be released in a free patch or does it cost something?

Edge will be released in 2142, when cyborg unicorns take over the world with mind control....

Actually I believe the EDGE engine will be free, but you will likely have to pay for any new Maps made for DCS (At least from the statements that have previously been given by ED).

Aug-31-2014, 09:15
Will EDGE be released in a free patch or does it cost something?

The EDGE update is going to be free, the current map will get some enhancements from the EDGE update but future maps like Nevada or Normandy won't be free (Nevada will be free to those who took up the A-10 pre-order deal). A guy I spoke to from VEAO (a third party developer) who was demonstrating his DCS modules at Duxford last month seemed to be hinting that EDGE will be out this year but then it has been delayed before.

Aug-31-2014, 16:22
That Kurfurst is niice....I just hope they will fix the netcode and stutters caused by mg fire in MP.....if anything, then in new engine...

Foul Ole Ron
Aug-31-2014, 17:32
Wags said we'd have to wait for EDGE for those mg fire stutters to be fixed. Maybe between EDGE and dedicated servers the issue won't be a problem anymore. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes along. They know it's an issue that needs addressing so I'd say they're on it.

Sep-01-2014, 17:39
Looking forward.
Claimed my key already too (via the kickstarter method that is).

Sep-01-2014, 23:44
Looks beautiful. DCS WW2 is going to be something special.

Sep-06-2014, 10:37
EDGE is coming in 2014:

DCS World 2.0 Coming in 2014

The next iteration of DCS World (formerly 1.3.0) is currently in internal testing and will be available as a free download later in 2014. All DCS modules will be fully compatible with DCS World 2.0. As with DCS World 1.0, 2.0 will also include the FREE TF-51D and Su-25T. New features of DCS World 2.0, but subject to change, include:
DirectX 11 support
Improved game performance
New and improved lighting
Improved effects
New water animations
Improved shadows
Unified GUI that eliminates the need for separate GUI and simulation .exe while also speeding up mission load times. Later, this will also allow us to integrate simulation elements into the Encyclopaedia and Mission Editor
Ability to access new maps that will be sold as separate modules
New grass and clutter
New clouds
Ability to create dedicated server
Skeleton animations
Depth of field support
Improved Oculus VR support

Some of these features may not be included in the initial DCS World 2 release.

Sep-06-2014, 11:53
Well I was gifted this from a friend and I am looking forward to it ....


Jul-21-2016, 11:37
Second trailer Sountrack of DCS: Bf-109K-4 Kurfüst

Jul-21-2016, 12:44
That's loads better than the version we have now. :thumbsup:

Aug-19-2016, 13:27
Bf-109K-4 fina trailer out beta

Aug-19-2016, 14:15
Bf-109K-4 fina trailer out beta

Looked great! :thumbsup:

Also excited to see at 0:45 a brief appearance of a Spit and a P40! :stunned:


Aug-19-2016, 16:20
Looked great! :thumbsup:

Also excited to see at 0:45 a brief appearance of a Spit and a P40! :stunned:


I think that's just the 109 with an American skin. Spit looks good though!

Aug-19-2016, 16:43
I think that's just the 109 with an American skin. Spit looks good though!

Good catch!

Dec-18-2016, 16:15
Hi Folks!
I have a problem to start the K4! Since I updated the game last week, I´m not able to start the engine! I do all the steps of the normal startprocedur.
1.all the buttons on the right side
3.fuel 1+2
4.pump 15x
5.call the groundcrew
6.pull the clutch
After this the propellerturns a view times and nothing happens!

Do I forget any step? Please help me!:lecture:

Dec-18-2016, 16:54
A few suggestions:

1. Disable auto prop and set your prop pitch to full fine prop pitch with the thumb toggle on your throttle (Auto prop engage/disengage default key may be S? It's the toggle switch on the low R side of your throttle column)

2. You need to make sure your throttle is one notch forward.

3. You also need to pull the starter clutch out and hold it out for several seconds and allow the prop to spin. It feels like quite a while, but the engine will eventually kick over. (Roughly 5-10 sec.. I've never actually timed it though).

It is different than the Fw190, Spitfire, and P51 that catch quickly after hitting the starter switch. The Bf 109 prop will slowly rev up and you will hear the engine star to kick in. Once it does, you can let go of the clutch. You should be able to rock the throttle back and forth and hear the engine rev (Beautiful sound).

After that you're ready to Rock and Roll :)

Dec-22-2016, 17:40
I got it! Thanks for your effort!:salute: