View Full Version : Slow download times :sigh:

Sep-13-2014, 04:58
Jumped on to have a try today and found the 1.5GB download. Unfortunately at the speeds I getting for this download. (About 40KB/s) it's going to take 4 days to download!

Other downloads are going smoothly so I'm wondering if other people are getting slow downloads?


Sep-13-2014, 19:29
Oh I feel your pain. (to a lesser degree) I get speeds in the two hundreds and I'm just half way after 10 hours. sigh. No headtracking support STILL I suppose...

Sep-13-2014, 23:53
Since this morning speeds have picked up to the low 100's so, fingers crossed it will be a bit quicker.

One of the reasons I was updating was because Track IR support is supposed to be included!

There was a few trouble shooting threads at the RSI site for Track IR.

Here's hoping!

Sep-14-2014, 00:42
rgr that, I just saw Injerins vid this game looks way better with the tIR! hope to try tommorow

Sep-15-2014, 03:35
I was getting over 1-1.5meg/s Skoshi so maybe you were just caught in the early bandwidth rush as everyone else was downloading too? I only did the download today and all was reasonably smooth.

Have to say WOW!

First time I've really tried flying cockpit as I was waiting for some proper support for the warthog and track IR. Still have to get used to the space physics etc but had an absolute blast just flying around in free flight figuring things out. When I tried combat against the bots I couldn't hit a barn door but it was great fun. Can't wait to use my rudder pedals and re-configure the Warthog for custom control mapping (coming soon I hope).... but I think I will really enjoy this game when it comes out (flight, exploration, smuggling, teaming up with friends and the odd FPS boarding of craft and running around planets...this universe could be truly outstanding!

... and with Oculus Rift, I may well get lost in this virtual world.

Big first impressions thumbs up from me.


Jul-24-2015, 23:21
Well they've done it to me again. I got a rush of blood and decided to finally get my control mappings sorted out so I can try to get into the Area Commander, Get them just about sorted and..... a 25Gig or about 9hour download (on my connection!)

I guess it'll be next weekend before I can get some time to look into it again. :sigh:

Jul-24-2015, 23:26
I've given up even trying. I'll wait till there is something that I can sink into before I go through that ordeal again. Any freetrack support yet? Probably not....