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Mar-21-2012, 19:45
Sorry guys but this must be done immediately. The server and TS3 will be back online within 10-30 minutes depending on how long the updates take to install. You can play on Server 2 in the mean time. My apologies.

Temp TS3 is here:

If you are still running Windows and have not done
so already, please make sure to apply the latest set of Windows updates
ASAP. Along with other critical updates, the latest batch includes a
patch for a very serious Remote Desktop bug. We're already seeing an
exploit based on this bug being used to crash unmanaged customer
machines, and within a week or two, we expect to see a new exploit that
uses the bug to completely takes over control of vulnerable machines. If
your OS is not updated or protected in other ways, it is extremely
likely that you will either have your machine crashed or taken over.

Mar-22-2012, 07:03
This is taking quite a bit longer than I thought. :angry:

Hopefully everything will be done within the hour.

Sorry fellas.

Mar-22-2012, 07:28
You can't rush a quality job - appreciate your time on getting it fixed :thumbsup:

Mar-22-2012, 07:46
Well I don't know about quality - but it was a pain in the butt :bgsmile:

Anyhow - all should be normal now!

Thanks ;)

Mar-22-2012, 08:03
Stats have been reset early this month due to a mistake I probably made. If Colander gets a chance to look at it, the old database will more than likely be fixed and put back.

Another Sorry!! :runaway:

Mar-22-2012, 08:15
Take your time, as Kopper said WE all appreciate the work you and the others do to keep us flying in a fun enviroment.:thumbsup:

Mar-22-2012, 15:42
Yep, big thanks from me for the continued effort you guys put into keeping this server running.



Apr-14-2012, 14:15
FYI The Steam services crashed today for about 5-15 mins. Both server 1 & 2 restarted with new missions all is well.