View Full Version : II/JG3 is looking for a bomber sqn. to fly escort for in joint operation.

Sep-20-2014, 15:20
We of II/JG3 wish to fly escort operations for an organized bomber sqn. (German of course:salute:) on the ATAG server. We have 2 days of scheduled flight ops, Wen. and Sun., 7PM GMT. I use GMT because most of our pilots are in Britain, except for me and two others. We wish to recreate the experience of the Luftwaffe during the era in which COD is set. To include forming up and flying formation in and out of the target area. If this sounds like something that interests any of you bomber boys (or girls) let us know here or on our forum.

Naturally we want to keep the date and time of the operation from the prying eyes of the allies, so don't discuss the details here, we have ways of being secretive (PM or our forum).

Sep-20-2014, 15:59
PM sent. S!