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Mar-22-2012, 13:55
Here is a quick question. Does everybody play at their native resolutions and are there benefits to playing at lower ones but utilizing AA. I have tried this in the past, but the screens don't seem as sharp, obviously.

Mar-22-2012, 13:56
1920x1080 native res here, and just use in-game 2x AA, but some chaps report spotting the Hun to be easier at lower res. Snapper? :Grin:

Mar-22-2012, 14:16
It's so much easier to spot contacts with 1280x720... When I switched to it, I was astounded how easy it was.

But then it was too ugly on my monitor, so I switched to 1600x900 as a compromise. They really need to work on the dot visualization.

9./JG52 Hans Gruber
Mar-22-2012, 15:18
I'm using my native resolution of 1920x1200 and honestly don't have a problem spotting contacts.

Mar-22-2012, 15:38
I tried at lower res, and it was true that is was much easier to spot the dots, but i just couldn't take it. It looks too good in at 1080p (my native res) and terrible at the low res. I'm upset i cant run everything maxed out, but I'm still gonna take the best pictures i can at a playable level. To me, that's why i buy high end hardware. I'd hate to waste it. although I guess I'm current;y wasting one of my gpus. Anyway, when they start paying me for my kills or stats, I might put spotting enemies above the pretty pictures. But for now, I'll live dangerously and enjoy the view. Hopefully the mystery patch will solve this issue anyway, and others too, like wasting that 2nd gpu.

Mar-22-2012, 15:52
1920x1080 native res here, and just use in-game 2x AA, but some chaps report spotting the Hun to be easier at lower res. Snapper? :Grin:

Yep, I used to run at a much lower res (1280 x 800) to keep up frame rates when dogfighting low over terrain. I found it significantly easier to spot distant aircraft, both single contacts and bomber formations. But I got tired of the fugly terrain graphics, and even the cockpit instruments I had to zoom in to read properly (such as when setting rpm when adjusting pitch).

I'm now back up to native 1680 x 1050 which looks much, much better for eye candy. My frame rates are still in the 40 - 60 fps (vsynch on) range for most of my flying, but I have experienced bad slowdowns when pursuing e/a close to the ground (over the sea is no problem). Spotting distant aircraft is more of a challenge.

I'm finding that using TrackIR and wearing bifocals is not a good match. Recently at my routine annual eye exam I discussed my dilemma with my eye doctor (I can't spell opthamologist). She suggested a single vision prescription just for the 33.5" distance (as measured) which I would just use for computer use. The nearer keyboard and HOTAS controls at 22" would be slightly blurry, but small price to pay to spot MK.MR.X. just a tad sooner, I say! Will post back here when the single vision glasses come in and I've had a chance to see how they do.

Mar-22-2012, 15:56
1920 x 1080, I tried a lower resolution for a few hours but didn't see a noticeable difference in view distance. I couldn't stand the loss of quality and quickly went back to 1080.

Mar-22-2012, 16:01
I use the monitor default of 1920x1080 with 2xaa and injected FXAA. I have all in-game graphics at max (except for the aa as I can perceive no benefit to more than 2x). I also modify the config files to meshshowlod=1. My monitor is set to display full pixel. How much of this is placebo I don't know but I do spend hours messing with the graphics and always end up back with these settings. I don't see contacts as well on my current 32" screen as I did before my lad half-inched the 46" for gaming on his playbox thingy though.


Mar-22-2012, 16:59
I heard someone mention on TS a couple of nights back about running 1024/768 making it easier to spot targets so I tried it, that was the very first times I have actually noticed stuttering when flying low over towns, plus the fact it is ugly, moved back to my native of 1920/1200, stutters gone and cockpit is pretty again :happy

My gfx card is well out of date being an 8800 ultra but with settings on medium to low and native res I get to play with no stuuter, yeah it could look better but that will have to wait a little bit longer and in the mean time I can carry on dieing.... alot :sad!:

Mar-22-2012, 23:32
I've spent a lot on hardware to be able to play this sim at 1920x1200 and all settings high, and I just can't bring myself to run it any lower then that. That said I've never had a problem finding targets even at those settings. To me the trick is to simply watch for movement. The human eye detects movement better then color or shape. I've noticed a few times if you almost let your eyes unfocus for a second or two movement stands out even more and finding that few pixel dot is fairly easy (at least for me). That said I've always had really good eyes and have had a lot of practice (toooooooooo much gaming when I was younger) picking out small movements. What does that meshlod=1 thing change exactly?

Mar-23-2012, 03:57
. What does that meshlod=1 thing change exactly?

I got the meshowlod=1 tip off 1c probably, quite some time ago. I thought I'd pop over there and quickly find a decent post with an explanation but couldn't, it's a bit of a labarynth that forum. Changing Meshowlod=0 to 1 is supposed to make distant objects more visible somehow, at a cost to frame-rates. It may just be placebo. It's near the bottom of the config files under core should you like to give it a try.

I cannot bring myself to turn down any of the eye-candy myself, it's half the game for me :)


Mar-23-2012, 08:30
1920x1200 here. And I play at my native res because the pic is more crisp and nicer....no ingame AA as I use "external" DX files for AA and it looks better than ingame AA...