View Full Version : Problem with ships.

Mar-25-2012, 23:36
Tonight is the first time I have been on this server when G7 was completed since G7 was reconfigured as blues only ground target.

Took me 4 Ju-88 trips. I did drop on target but was hit and downed by flak every time. One trip included a very persistent Hurri pilot.

Next trip was in a 110 - same thing - drop then flak downed me. Second trip killed me before the drop.

Then took over 2 He-111's from AI's off the coast and dumping their entire loads on G7. Finally completed.

Then off to the ships.

Sank two ships in a 110 and made a 3rd trip to the only ship left. It's half in the water looks like the Costa Concordia - first 500kg bounced off the thing and exploded away from the ship and the second connected and exploded - BUT NOTHING. What is wrong with this? HEHE It's frustrating.

I don't know what is wrong with that ship.


Mar-28-2012, 06:35
Flying Blenheims, I can confirm that we've hit ships south of French Point, seen the bomb explode on the ship, but ship has not sunk, smoked or listed. I don't know if this is a new kind of ship damage modeling or a game bug. Just guessing, but it might happen 1:10-20 hits.