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I have had these for ages, bought them way back when and figured some people here would get some use out of them. The cover a wide variety of topics. The ones I would highly suggest for those of you whom still play IL2 1946 are Gunnery Approaches and How to get Hits with the Illuminated Sight. These will explain how the Navy Mk8 gunsight (think F4U and Hellcat) has been telling you to set your convergence at 1000ft (304m) and it will then happily tell you, required radii needed for any given target speed and aspect. (lead to kill the target) You'll find in there that 99% of USN aircraft had the guns set at 1000ft (304m), since due to the way the decks were arranged and planes parked/spotted, no one pilot was sure what aircraft he might get, hence all guns were set to a value known by all aircrews.

The gunnery approaches manual will illustrate the destructiveness of the High Side, Low Side and Flat Side approaches on bombers.

Some of the sights also covered in the manuals are the N9 and the N3A (think 80 mil P47 sight). The rest of the files hold a lot of data that can be applied to Cliffs of Dover. At the present, I'm currently building a archive that will be all RAF related, these files are scattered all over hells half acre and are taking me a while to dig out of storage.

Simply grab these three archives, and execute part 1, it will in turn handle parts 2 and 3 for you, extracting them to a folder called ww2docs. Enjoy! =)




TM 1-270 - Aerial Gunnery Practice and Record Firing - May 7th, 1942

Aircraft Armament - Bureau of Naval Personnel

USAAC - FM 1-25 - Air Defenses - December 24th, 1942

2nd AF Manual 50-43 - B29 Standard Procedures for Gunners

Don't Kill Your Friends - Aviation Training Manual, Office of Chief of Naval Operations

Flying Bombs - V2's - December 1944, British Information Services

Fundamentals of Air Fighting - December 1943

Fighter Pilot Gunnery - TM 00-25-35 - December 10th, 1943 (understanding mils, lead and radii)

Get that Fighter! - Central/Flexible Gunnery Instructors School - Nov 1, 1943

Gunnery Approaches - Fixed Gunnery and Combat Tactics Series No. 2 - Bureau of Aeronautics - Sep, 1943

How to get Hits with the Illuminated Sight, Mk 8 Naval Gunsight - USN - Nov, 1943

Air Gunnery and Air Fighting - RAF Wing Cmdr E.M. Donaldson D.S.O. A.F.C. RAF

Protection Against Aerial Bombs - Lockheed Corporation

US War Dept FM 30-30 Pictorial Recognition Manual

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Now this is awesome!

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Quite welcome. =)

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Outstanding contribution!! Thank you.



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Air Gunnery and Air Fighting - RAF Wing Cmdr E.M. Donaldson D.S.O. A.F.C. RAF

This one is a real gem, it's RAF and BoB related in a big way, a really good read. Plenty of drawings to help get the point across.