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Oct-23-2014, 13:07
hi. on update 4.00 any body having trouble with Trojan when unzipped the file?

Oct-23-2014, 13:30
Yeah, my security suite flagged it as Trojan.generikD.1909737, but when it took actions it deleted the whole patch! So I checked the forums and its a false positive.
The problem I have also is every trime I try to install the patch, the installer file just disappears when my curser is placed over it.

Oct-23-2014, 14:36
There are no Trojans in the files so what you are experiencing must be an over aggressive secrurity program on your PC...I think its quite common so you'll need to fiddle with that to figure it out.....I am not sure about this so wait on this thread until someone more techy than I to confirm this....


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Oct-23-2014, 15:45
This is the only known virus on Team Fusion work


Oct-23-2014, 18:33
Lol...I remember that....That was that HUGE Bug that TeamFusion got rid of!!

Oct-23-2014, 20:00
Love this image Lewis
The huge bug :)

Oct-26-2014, 14:38
:-) lol love that pic, and thanks for suggestions