View Full Version : X-Wing and Tie Fighter on GOG.com

Oct-28-2014, 11:05
Yes you heard that right, the original X-Wing and Tie Fighter are now on http://www.gog.com/ oh how I missed thee :P

Already got myself a copy of Tie Fighter, always like that one better than X-Wing, well enjoy :thumbsup:

Oct-28-2014, 11:45
Thanks for the heads up! I loved all of those back in the day.

Oct-28-2014, 13:46
Funny story, my parents just moved and brought some boxes of my old stuff and no more than 5 minutes after posting this I looked through and lo' and behold what do I find, the original Tie Fighter floppy disks and the manual to x-wing :goofy

Oct-28-2014, 13:53
I loved both, but Tie-Fighter more. The last days i was thinking of this game, in my memories it looked just so cool.
Checked the site with the screenshots and was shocked hahaha.

Would love to hear about a new X-Wing / Tie-Fighter game.

Oct-29-2014, 08:32
Still got my copy of X-Wing Alliance somewhere in the shed! Corellian Freighters all the way man!

Oct-29-2014, 14:26
I tried to install X-wing alliance last year but it won't go on a 64 bit OS. Tie Defender all the way!

Oct-30-2014, 09:42
I have all the serie......hardly have played a game more (maybe only IL2 1946). I still cannot forget the LAN parties I was organizing with my friends with "Xwing vs Tie fighter" ....what a blast !