View Full Version : Single player issue

Nov-06-2014, 05:25
Hi! I'm King, an AMVI squadron pilot. Sorry guys, i have one question...Why with your mod installed the sim in singleplayer doesn't recognize the mouse clicking commands and keyboard commands that in multi are full functionally??

Thanks...and you are fantastic! I love your mod!!!!

Nov-06-2014, 20:02
As a SP player I don't have a problem with mouse clicks etc- but might this be similar issue to this thread?? - post #11 might have a solution?

ALso are you running Win8?- some idea of your system specs might suggest possible problems

Nov-07-2014, 08:59
Hi, thank you for your answer. I don't have Win 8 but win 7 64 bit. And my problem is in game...mouse and keyboard are useless like the throttle. Stick & rudders are ok. I try to start the game from the short cut and also from the steam directory of the game but with any succes....

Nov-07-2014, 10:00
Do you look at controls, after start a SP mission, if keys, mouse are assigned? Try reassign some keys.

Maybe are loading a blank profile.