View Full Version : An early morning Messerschmitt Bf 110 convoy attack

Apr-07-2012, 22:16
Hi all, here's a video of Septic and me attacking a convoy just before sunrise. I think you'll find the music most appropriate :happy
As always: HD Recommended


Apr-08-2012, 00:12
Das Boot, one of my favorite movies! Nice video!:thumbsup:

Apr-08-2012, 04:43
Thanks for posting Atreides. The sortie was great fun and when I hear that music I see that Uboat crashing through the waves during the opening credits of Das Boot. It was shown as a series first time round in UK and I recorded the music on a cassette tape recorder as it was before VCR (In my house anyway).


Apr-08-2012, 08:51
:thumbsup: for the video
:thumbsup: for das boot too. Great movie

Apr-08-2012, 17:22
Thanks Dullahan, Septic and Colander. Skimming the waves at top speed whilst attacking ships under the cover of darkness, the 110 almost fell like a U-boot.

We had some good flights Septic, in 2 sorties we got 6 ship-kills out of 8 bombs. I especially like how it looked from my gunners position when both of us skimmed the waves at 400kph+ with flak all around or when missing each other only by a bit whilst taking off :shocked:

Apr-08-2012, 17:50
Nice ..... Das Plane Boss ..... :jump: