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Nov-21-2014, 05:01
Well for pre-order in alpha sea trials anyways :)

You need dx11 for it.

Just thought in relation to Aircraft and similar games that some like me may like the older types of ships in a game called NAVAL ACTION.
Requires DX11 though. The open beta is due in a few weeks to a month for pre-order guys

You get to command one ship only and either play in open world or I think perhaps single scenarios or PVP/PVE battles.
Ships are individually customisable I believe.

What as a tester I am excited about is that you get down and fire ranging shots from deck level before releasing your broadside.
Can turn on and off individual gun decks and fire them in any order
Can allocate the crew to prioritise different task
Control the mast sails individually or auto
Contol the helm\rudder obviously along with the speed of the ship
Weather such as fog, storm seas among others
Choose round types like roundshot, chain, grape\shotgun sort of shot
Forts and I think other land things like ports and the like....
IIRC game tracks every ball fired and damage like smashed cannons and leaks or sail damage/masts falling off etc are all there.

The ships are pretty much replicas of famous real ships.
So far seen are the HMS Victory (over 100 guns), USS Constitution(heavy super frigate 44 guns), HMS Tricomalee (a match for the USS Connie?), cutter, brig, mortar brig, Yachts, HMS Surprise (Russel Crowes ship in master and commander), Bellona (74 guns).

Here are a few shots of me testing.

Anyone who loves Hornblower and 1700 - early 1800 age of sail ships might like this one. It's kind of unique.
P.S. I hope this is the right place to post. If I am breaking any rules just let me know.



Nov-21-2014, 08:41
WOw, thanks for posting.
Love all the screen shots.

I love the big rigs....I may need to check this out....but will wait for bargain basement price, LOL!

[edit] I just checked out the website....Looks very promising...I was figuring it was a Steam game (i.e. Goat Simulator type game, LOL!). This is independent and I may be interested in the pre-purchase just to support them...very compelling concept. Not sure if I can handle DX11.

Nov-21-2014, 15:49
I used to play a PC game called 'Age Of Sail' and another called 'Wooden Walls & Iron Men' I have all the Bolitho & Hornblower books :-)

Nov-21-2014, 16:02
I watched "Master and Commander" last weekend....awesome movie.

Nov-21-2014, 16:06
I used to play a PC game called 'Age Of Sail' and another called 'Wooden Walls & Iron Men' I have all the Bolitho & Hornblower books :-)
Have you read the Aubrey-Maturin series from O'Brian? Seen Master and Commander? Or the Drinkwater series from Woodman? The Delaney from Parkinson? Ramage by Pope? Or gone even further back in time and read Frederick Maryatt (whom Forrester, Kent, O'Brian, et al must have read, too)?

I am sorely, sorely tempted ...

Nov-21-2014, 16:52
So is this worth getting?

Nov-24-2014, 11:45
That looks really cool!

Nov-24-2014, 13:09
I bought it yesterday. I should be getting my Steam Key this week to get into the "Sea Trials"...they are testing for Network/Server issues and general game play intuitiveness. Still in Alpha.

I doubt I will have much time for it....but hopefully can find an hour or two next weekend to check it out.

Nov-24-2014, 19:47
FYI - I just saw a post in their forums that states if you purchased after Nov 21, no "Sea Trials" for you. Oh well, I missed it....I don't really have time right now anyway.

But though you all would like to know. I'll let ya know when I do get alpha access.

Nov-24-2014, 22:09
thanks for the info. Would love to have this sim. Will keep an eye out for it!

Nov-27-2014, 11:04
From the Naval Action Facebook page:

Dear Captains.

We will deploy the update for the Alpha sea trials build today. We will fix some of the issues that existed in PvP, update for-and-aft rigged vessels wind angles and add some other things to the testing build. Detailed patch notes will be posted later today on our forums.

Next batch of Steam Keys will be sent to pre-order buyers on Friday 28th November.

Nov-29-2014, 00:30
Got my key...

....first attempt at warfare..


Nov-30-2014, 02:13
Lol, nice video Marmus, it looks like you got stuck pointing up wind at the end.

Does it have crew managment for pumping water out of the hold, putting out fires, changing sails, ect?

Nov-30-2014, 03:28
So are we talking Silent Hunter but with sailing ships? If so that's pretty cool. Although I'm going to be waiting until it's out of alpha/beta first for sure. I dislike buying early access games.

Dec-01-2014, 07:06
Nice. Commanding a Ship of the Line versus blasted Boni :D Would be great if you can hone your crew with exercises and discipline, maybe make a seaman or two 'kiss the gunner's daughter' or 'keel haul' them if they really misbehave :D

Does it model spilling wind of other ships? Those guns wouldn't be crewed by a single man though, they'd have a team on each. I noticed that on the first shot the French ship crossed the T, bad positioning from you old boy ;)

Britannia Rules the Waves.....

Dec-01-2014, 09:43
Here is someone else's video...they must have gotten good at it, they worked their way up to a much bigger ship!


Yes, it has crew management....you set priorities....so when I started to take on water, I send some men to pump, but that limited the number of canons I could use. I think the One man per gun is just the progress to date.

This is all very early Alpha, this is a small module out for testing of the gun engine and intuitiveness of whole sailing process. They plan on a financial aspect to game, so I guess you can trade or raid, etc.

I believe that "spill wind of other ships" was brought up in their Alpha forums, but at this time they do not plan to model it.

Dec-01-2014, 09:48
I hope this time they do not mistreat the Spanish ships as in other games.

Dec-01-2014, 10:01
Thanks Marmus :)

Spartan, do you mean treat them as not as well designed for rougher waters as the British ships? Would be good if you can actually pull alongside and board, then take as a prize.

Dec-01-2014, 10:39
Thanks Marmus :)

Spartan, do you mean treat them as not as well designed for rougher waters as the British ships? Would be good if you can actually pull alongside and board, then take as a prize.

The screen shots from OP above show boarding and taking over ship...so that will be in final game.