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Apr-11-2012, 16:12
Hi all

Just got IL2 Cliffs of Dover after a bit of an absence from flight simming, I played some of the previous IL2 series, but never really got into the full realism side of it. I've decided to rectify that a bit now.

I wanted to say a big thanks to Talisman, Rumba and Ekko, they made me feel very welcome on TS the other night, and Talisman in particular went through a few things with me that were very useful.

First flight 4 of us flew over Calais until my engine blew up (poor management by me no doubt). Then tonight I managed to get my Hurri up to 20k and kind of cruising around above Folkstone until I got bounced by Dullahan. I thought I'd seen someone a minute or so earlier but then I lost him, then the next thing I know I see a few tracers, red screen, then black, very quickly, so well done.

That leads me to my next question, tips on spotting other planes? I can't seem to do it! Tonight I was cruising around flak that was coming up from Folkstone but I couldn't see anyone for toffee! If anyone has any advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, see you in the skies!

Apr-11-2012, 16:36
Greetings Olibob!

Don't worry mate, planes are very difficult to spot in this smashin' game/sim.

Black flak smoke points you in the general direction, white puffs are close to the bandit, so follow the black til you spot the white, then you should see a tiny dot floating about and that's him!

You hooked up with some good chaps there, ideal for a first time out.

Hope to see you up there soon! :dthumb:

Apr-11-2012, 17:11
Hi Olibob!

Welcome to ATAG.

If you need any assistance with aircraft or TS3 let us know.

There are a lot of very knowledgeable and helpful people here that are willing to help.

See you in the air!!



Over time you will start having a eye for seeing contacts. I was the same way when I first came onto the server. Lucky for me my first kill was a balloon. My second was a Hurricane. But after that it was a long time before my third! Hang in there like a hair in a biscuit and you will develop the eye to spot them.

Apr-12-2012, 10:14

Your in for a great ride for sure

Hook up with us on Team Speak and well get you checked out in the Blenheim. Then the fun really begins :thumbsup:

Apr-12-2012, 10:41
Welcome to the ATAG Forum and Server! :Grin:

Glad you hooked up with some good guys right off. For the first while I was amazed at how others could spot the contacts so quickly -- I just couldn't see 'em! As Doc said, you develop an eye for spotting them. Strangely enough, it can be easier to spot distant contacts and formations when zoomed out ("90 POV") rather than zoomed close in ("30 POV"). I think it's because the pixels are bigger? Dunno, to be honest.:whacky:

Looking forward to flying with you in the friendly skies over Hawkinge! :thumbsup:

Apr-12-2012, 13:33
Welcome to the forum OliBob old chap! Like the other chaps have said; spotting contacts does get easier after time, the white flak once spotted is an excellent indicator that a bandit is close. It's keeping them in my sights once spotted that I'm currently struggling with :-)


Apr-12-2012, 15:47
Hi Septic, same problem here! I think I just shot down my first plane on your server though!! Was escorting (trying) a group of Wellingtons over France and they got bounced by a few 109s, I got a good burst on one and saw it trailing something and seemingly going down. I got the good shooting message, nice one and all that, but I was too busy trying dodge to other 109s and look round to see what happened to the one I hit. Then the server restarted not long after, so I'm not sure. Is there anyway of finding out? I think I also need a wise head to help me set up the info windows.


Apr-12-2012, 15:53
Hmmm, couldn't find "Olibob" or "Oli" in the Stats. What name do you fly under?

Apr-12-2012, 15:55
Welcome to a great server and a greater bunch of flyers ......... :welcome!:

Apr-12-2012, 16:03
Hmmm, couldn't find "Olibob" or "Oli" in the Stats. What name do you fly under?

I think it's oli847, I blame Steam for that.

Apr-12-2012, 16:12
I think it's oli847, I blame Steam for that.

Yea, well I blam Steam for a lot of things ..... seems like the thing to do .... :pouting:

Apr-12-2012, 16:28
Bob as you mentioned "information window" here is a very helpful link that covers just about everything concerning that window.



Apr-12-2012, 17:05
:welcome!: Olibob

Apr-12-2012, 17:14
I think it's oli847, I blame Steam for that.

Well, I'm pleased to confirm that as oli847 you got your first "kill"! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

There are no details with that, other than that it was an enemy aircraft in the air that you shot down.

Congrats!! :hpyclp:

Apr-12-2012, 17:28

Massive thanks to 616_Gosling tonight as well, for being very patient with me and helping me land (lacking a port wingtip and a couple of prop blades, but down, stationary and alive)