View Full Version : Question to Thrustmaster X HOTAS Pilots

Nov-23-2014, 18:35
Hey guys!
I just have a quick question to all you Thrustmaster HOTAS X pilots! I was wondering how you all setup up your rudder? Did you lock the joystick rudder twist and use the pedals on the throttle or did you lower the twist sensitivity?
Would love to hear from you guys!
Thanks :)

Nov-25-2014, 10:30
I went and bought rudder pedals :-P

But before I did I used the rocker or whatever you call that on the back of the throttle. Never was a fan of the twist. Only real problem with using the stuff on the back of the throttle is it can be a bit easy to over-do the rudder if you aren't careful. Although for ground handling and such, once you get the right amount of rudder in, I found it pretty easy to hold there while taxiing.

Nov-25-2014, 18:20
I personally use the paddle on the throttle control for my rudder inputs, and have found it to be quite satisfactory once you've adjusted the sensitivity to your liking.

Nov-25-2014, 20:16
The last setup I had before my current one was the TM X-Flight and in the past I've used Saitek HOTAS setups which have the same basic layout with a twist stick and throttle rocker.

I could never get used to a twist stick for rudder. I think it makes it too hard if you want precise and coordinated flight--I really need a separate axis apart from the stick.

But like Mudcat, I ended up buying a discrete pair of rudder pedals. I did find the rocker on the X-Flight very useful for the prop pitch controller in the Bf-109, however.