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Apr-13-2012, 08:29
Looks like the patch is practically done and due for internal testing over the weekend!
2 weeks! ;)

Lot of talk about FM. Not sure if the changed FM will be packed along with the beta patch, but it seems all planes are due for a game play change. The Spit II & Rotols are due for a major performance down grade and G.50 a major upgrade.

As I have suspected, performance at high altitude is bugged (that's why the 109s can currently more or less turn with the Spits), and they won't fix the >7k performance till the next sequel! WHAT??? :pouting:

Check it out.

Apr-17-2012, 13:48
The latest:

Originally Posted by BlackSix - Tuesday April 17, 11:12 AM
Test is going well. We don't have CTD on our PCs. I hope what we will release patch on this week.


Apr-17-2012, 14:03
The latest:


Not soon enough...:angrymob: