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Dec-06-2014, 12:07
Hi everyone!

Diveplane made great mods for the P-51 and the Dora https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3dcpHdYmmg , and now he'd like to work on the external and internal engine sounds for the 109. But for that he needs a copy of the game (which costs 50 bucks at the moment, which is a lot of money). I backed DCS WWII and had 2 keys for the 109 and I would have given him my extra key if I hadn't already gifted it to a friend of mine. I know many people are skeptical regarding the current 109 sounds (including myself), so I thought I'd throw this idea out there.

Is there anyone who has an extra key of the 109 that he doesn't want to use? I think gifting a 109 key to Diveplane would be a nice gesture to thank him for all the great work he's done for us for free.

Dec-06-2014, 12:34
I'm short on cash because of Holidays but please pleaseee someone be kind to this man!

The difference between ED and Diveplanes work is so huge.

His efforts help make DCS: WWII just a little bit better!

Dec-06-2014, 14:55
MysticPuma, you are a champ. :)

Looks like we might get an internal sound mod after all.

Dec-06-2014, 17:59
You're welcome. Look forward to hearing it crash into the deck having been ripped apart by my 8x .50-cal in the P-47 :)

I had the key and as part of the Kickstarter campaign and it was just going to sit around doing nothing, at-least this way the community will benefit from it in the long run :)

Cheers, MP

Dec-07-2014, 17:54


Dec-08-2014, 20:05
Hero indeed! Thanks Mystic. Diveplane's mods are a huge improvement on the stock sounds.


Dec-08-2014, 20:23
Thanks for posting the link.
I have no reason to doubt that Diveplanes audio production is modeled from source data.
Sounds convincing to me!

Why can't/won't ED come up with a similar audio model? - playability issues? dunno!

On the ED/DCS subject, some of the graphical aspects are obviously (hopefully) placeholders (DM graphics and that ridiculous fireball for instance).
I'm presuming this will all be improved with the release of the DCS WW2 map(?).
Anyone heard of DCS plan for graphics update?

Dec-08-2014, 21:36
To answer a couple of your questions:

I think the 109 is still in Beta so they have a couple of glitches and bugs to iron out. It's always like that on beta release: module is functional, you can have a lot of fun with it but the icing on the cake comes a little bit later on. But knowing this is ED behind the 109, I'm pretty sure the fixes will come shortly.


DCS World 2 Status

Work continues on DCS World 2 with progress on file structure, clouds and other effects, changes to the front-end GUI, and of course improvements to performance. We are still striving for a late-December 2014 release, but if debugging takes longer than we hope, it is possible that the release could be pushed to January/February 2015. As always, stated dates and timeframes are our best estimates and not promises.

Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) and Strait of Hormuz Map Status

Our map team is solely focused on the NTTR map right now. As mentioned in the last newsletter, the team has been having to do a lot of work adapting terrain textures and shadows since the map assets were moved from the terrainviewer tool to DCS World 2. How the terrainviewer tool and the DCS World handle light and shadows is quite different and made the NTTR map in DCS World look an odd yellow hue. In this way, the NTTR map has certainly been a test-bed for us using the new maps tools. While this and other map issues are being worked on, our map 3D modelers have had the time to add Las Vegas McCarren International airport. If time allows, we also hope to also add Tonopah Air Force Base (located in the northwest corner of the rand and it would provide great CONTANT PEG missions).

In parallel, we are also working on RED FLAG campaigns for both the F-15C and A-10C in cooperation with the author Steve Davies and pilots that have flown multiple RED FLAGs.

After the NTTR map is complete, the team will return to the Strait of Hormuz map.

So EDGE may be released before January (but I doubt it), but if they find more bugs release of EDGE will be in January/February.

We also got some news regarding the DCS WWII map.


Dear all,

We are currently researching which airbases to include in the Europe 1944 map. To ensure that we don’t overlook anything, we wanted to open this research to you all as well. What we are looking for are all German fighter bases in northern France (north of Paris) / west of Calais and all allied airbases in southern England south of London but east of Exeter. In addition to the names and locations, aerial photos and diagrams would also be needed. All of this would need to be circa 1944.


implicit A
Dec-09-2014, 03:27
Hero indeed! Thanks Mystic. Diveplane's mods are a huge improvement on the stock sounds.


True. Diveplane work is quite better than stock sound.

Unfact the 109 flyby sound in this video is strickly the same as Diveplane Fw190 mod.

Is it accurate ? does 109 k4 and Dora have the same version of Dailmer Benz ?

I should ask to an expert like Tiger33. ...


Dora : Junkers Jumo 213
BF109k4 : DB605DC

can't be the same flyby sound isn't ?

Dec-11-2014, 12:27
Not so sure Implicit. Listen to the supercharger whine as it goes past....not a Jumo sound. Knowing Diveplane he will probably have a 2.0 out in a bit that is even better.