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Apr-21-2012, 04:12
New version with scoring RedvBlue 1.4 is on atag server 2

every 20 mins a Spit 2, 109 4e and ju88 are delivered to bases to up the allowed amount.

If you win objective for team then the allowed amount may go up for Spit 2, or 109 4e or ju88

If you lose objective you could lose planes allowed.

If you crash Spit 2, 109 4e and ju88 you lose an amount you can use.

you can check allowed plane amounts in menu

test and let me know any issues

Apr-21-2012, 07:38
Ah, now THAT'S incentive to provide safe escort for friendly bombers (and defend your own targets from the enemy). Also makes it worthwhile to return your aircraft back to a friendly airfield rather than just dump it in the sea for a quicker respawn.

Thanks, Wolf. Brilliant!!!!!! :thumbsup:

Apr-21-2012, 09:51
Sounded wonderful!! Can't wait!

Apr-21-2012, 10:24
Sounded wonderful!! Can't wait!
OK back from dinner.
OK Game RedvBlue 1.4 is up on Server 2 and will look to replace the server 1 version 1.0 in a day or two.

Known bug/issue hoping patch will fix.... Sometimes the menu does not work on Red team.

Things you can test. I think they are all working ok.

1a) Menu Tab - 4 - 1 -2 (plane availability)

1) On take off, Available 109-4-e's and spit 2a's reduce availability.
2) On crash land if in 109-4-e's and spit 2a's you reduce availability.

3)Win Objectives you increase availability of 109-4-e's and spit 2a's & JU88's. Opposition also lose plain availability if objective lost.

4) Win different objectives to increase supplies of planes. EG win objective 8 my unlock 3 spitIIa's
5) Supply line reaches destination and Spit parts delivered to Airfield so you get +2 spits and germans my have a reduction of 1 109 availability

6) Score 1800 points and win game

7) Exit a 109 in air and lose 1 109 availability. caters for CTD.

8) Supplies to the forward air bases deliver increased plane availability around ever 20-30 mins.

9) safe Land and your plane added back to available planes. Crash land and you reduce amount available.

So game may start with 1-3 109 and spit2a's avaialable... but the more you score and objectives you complete, you get more spit 2 a's and 109 4-e's

What am I doing Sunday?? Well wife says we are having a stay home lounge about. So I will....

1)Re-do all the flack. Location changes (realistic from era), add in the fully real templates with trentches and spotters etc.

2) Adjust the static Objectives & add some more bombing runs, adjust bomber skills.

Any requests from the Penut gallery? :bgsmile:

Apr-21-2012, 13:26
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hpyclp::hpyclp:

Apr-21-2012, 14:09
Flew a sortie on 2 earlier, its looking great, a target rich environment. I bombed Ramsgate sidings and saw I was not the first. The flak was not too challenging, I was damaged but was loitering a bit so deserved it.

Messages appeared to be working as intended :-)

Great stuff Wulf. Thanks.