View Full Version : Brand New Saitek X36 HOTAS controller

Dec-18-2014, 11:01
This is a brand new Saitek X36 HOTAS controller system up for sale, still new in box.
The Throttle is numbered as the X36T and the Stick as the X35F.
New in box for $50.00 plus shipping costs.

Dec-18-2014, 20:32
oh dear..my very first hotas years ago..

where do you live (shipping)?

Dec-19-2014, 08:46
Orlando, Florida

Dec-19-2014, 11:14
My first Hotas was the X45, loved it to death, literally! It eventually moved to far beyond the 'home diy' fix and repair efforts i could manage after some hard years of flying. I was sad to retire it.
Some people hated it (rocker feature), but it used to have a rudder rocker on the throttle. It was a like a sniper rifle for aiming, a precision instrument.
109s prop pitch set on the throttle thumb rotary, it was a joy to fly with.

It looks like this has something similar rudder wise but buttons of sort? Just out of interest how do they work, are they progressive with the amount of input?