View Full Version : Pc total reboot

Dec-19-2014, 16:09
Hello pilots of il2 cod.
I bought just for cod a pc with rudders trotle with mix and pitch hendels.. bud when i playd. Cq wanted to fly constantly my settings were away. And now finally ad advice of TURK and my own ict girlfriend my hole pc is empty and installed again with windows 7. I so hope now my saitek rudder and trotle works after this big reboot... and this all to go in firtual air with you atag pilots. .. :-)

Dec-19-2014, 18:09
Good luck :salute:

Dec-19-2014, 19:20
Welcome - a wise investment for sure :)

Good luck and see you up there :thumbsup:

Dec-21-2014, 19:39
I got it running pilots!! Everything works.. rudder, trotle , pitch hendel.. joystick... now i have to practise landing because thid is serious flying guys. .. did 3 landings never dead but first 2 prop strikes the ground... 3th was a good one.. learning!! O i fly bf 109 e4. ANGRIFFF... :-)