View Full Version : P51 and 109 student had some practice. Thanx Chuck Owl and Jaydee.

Dec-24-2014, 12:14
Got recently DCS P51 and 109K4 from 2 friends. Never really played before DCS. So these are my first steps, and I am having sooo much fun. Flight models, physics.... just amazing. Really makes me respect my plane in the way I never experienced before in IL-2 classic, and very close to Cliffs of Dover flight models in a way. Feeling of realism during flight makes the one enjoy every second of flight... unless the one is stalling towards ground :D

Anyway, I made couple of pictures, from offline battles. I m still learning to operate planes, so I wasn't doing much online action. Almost none at all. Turned off antialiasing to make my frame rates better, did some medium graphic settings, still game looks decent.
So, here they are:

My first fight in K4 ended draw with AI P51. He shot hell out a me, I did the same to him, but we run out of ammo :doh:
During second flight I mastered controls a bit better, so i was able to pull nice head on fast pass lead on P51 and nail him with cannons:
But then, as every rookie, I waned to pull high G turn, and end that P51 as fast as possible. This is what happens when the one pulls high G with 109K4:
So, if you are to fly 109K4, take care not to turn too sharp. Was able to fly away to crashland. I m not sure that was too realistic tho :D

Then hooped in to P51, and made this to a Dora:

So, my impression is that it is not that difficult to master flying technique and gunnery, because all of us have great experience from Cliffs of Dover and IL-2 1946,
but take off procedure can be real pain in the ass :grrr:
But that just makes it even more interesting really :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to You all!!! :salute: :salute: :salute:

Dec-24-2014, 14:07
but take off procedure can be real pain in the ass :grrr:

Just wait until landing! Glad to see you're having fun in DCS though! I got my first online kill (In a Dora against a 51) just yesterday.


Dec-24-2014, 17:42
Took me 15 minutes to take off with P51.

Took me 6 hours to take off with 109K9. And I didn't. No comment really. Torque force is insane, and engine response in strange way
while on ground. Took me 4 hours just to taxi to runway. Ofc I crashed on take off. Watched all videos about it. Even those guys have
problem to take off. I have really nice control over plane in air, but take off is something I ll have to practice much more.


Managed to learn how to taxi off, to runway, and got in to the air with minor damages on right wing. BIIIIIIG thanks to ApeOfTheYear and 504smudge for their videos.
Smudge's video is actually very very good to get to know with all the things in 109, so I recommend to everyone. Learned from that video how to taxi. Very good tip.

From Ape's learned how to take off.

Back to the laboratory now.

Dec-25-2014, 10:20
I managed to learn to take-off, taxi, and land in the 109 quite easily, landing is WAY easier than the Dora, take-off is about the same. I landed the 109 first try yet it took me about 20 tries on the Dora! In the air the 109 is very nimble and has lots of POWER! I'm really enjoying my Christmas present a lot!

PS - For take-off, all I had to do was what Wags said in his video, hold the stick back and to the right and a bit of right rudder. And only advance the throttle to 2500RPM or else the torque will be too hard to counter!


Merry Christmas!

Dec-25-2014, 11:39
The Kurfürst is a real fun plane to fly, as a Bf109 nut I enjoy it immensely. The only downside to the Kurfürst is that there is no choice between a hub mounted 20 or 30mm... for that reason I'd preferred a G-10 over the K-4 as the two are virtually identical in performance. The Kurfürst is 20kmh faster on paper than a G-10 because of its fully retractable tail wheel and wheel covers but these features were sometimes retrofitted to late model Gustavs.

Something to keep in mind about the Kurfürst: The MW-50 rear tank carries 70L which is good for 26min of use. Also the engine is not supposed to be used at full bost for more than 10min at a time or it might blow!

Dec-25-2014, 18:43
Ok, thanks for the tips, lads.

implicit A
Dec-26-2014, 12:41
Huge improvement in spoting in DCS
here we go :

"great work. the LOD seems good too. seen the tweak of lod5 EDM back to 3500.0 and fightersimpleLOD. edm back to 10000.0 .......knowing exactly what this stuff does however,is above my pay grade........but what I can say after some dogfights offline is the tracking seems to be better for me....I`ll keep trying it out more through the day...."

mod for JSGME from DavidRed from ACG ( DCS UK WWii Server) :

to test offline or online :

IMO great improvement for Wwii doghfighter fans.

Dec-26-2014, 17:25
Glad you're enjoying yourself, mate. :)