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Apr-22-2012, 22:11
Ok, I'm not the best Blenhiem driver to be born but I have learned how to crank it up and get it in the air ..... :pouting: ..... or so I thought. This is my proceedure:

1) Turn on fuel cocks rigth and left. Normally just one click for outer

2) Open my radiators

3) make sure the fuel is switched over on the upper left side of cockpit

4) Turn on carbertator Heaters (both levers all the way down).

5) Make sure fuel mixture is about half way

6) Adjust throttle just a wee bit up (have tried various levels over several start up attempts.

7) pushed SHIFT 1 for engine 1 and then the "I" key.

The results is the egine turns over, the words engine start and engine stop then nothing.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Now just to let you know, I've tried this several times and the have a go at a Hurry or a spit and I have no problems starting those or flying them.

Apr-23-2012, 03:13
Hi Chief,

I believe inner tanks need to be selected and I leave mixture rich (full down) for take-off and lean a bit in flight.

Hope this helps,


Apr-23-2012, 06:32
Hi Chief,

Fuel mixture doesn't function at present, but they're threatening to re-introduce it with the highly elusive 'patch'.

If you've taken 50% fuel, you need to select inner tanks, not outer.

The switches above your head on the left only select the gauges, inner or outer, not the fuel itself.

Carb heat isn't required for take-off, only engage over 4500ft.

See my vids again! :Grin: