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Hi all (sorry must start a new Topic)

Here a new Patch for the Chir Front Missions.

What is new in version8:

III./JG3 Textures

Kill Counter

and some fixes.

For the historic III./JG3 Textures, you find the player texture (Bf109G2_9JG3_3) under Plane settings.

After Landing you get a Mission Report of lll./JG3, Flight Kills and looses will list. Please note the HUD must be on

Download Link (thx for jgzbv Manni for file file hosting)


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Unzip the files into the

IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad

main folder

example: C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad

example for Steam: C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamApps\common\IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad


After Landing you get a Mission Report of lll./JG3, Flight Kills and looses will list. HUD must be on

The player Schwarm the 9./JG3 and the 8./JG3 have now historic textures, you find the player texture (Bf109G2_9JG3_3) under Plane settings.


Text messages "Mission End" after Landing

Better english translate

Add english text for polish players


Text messages height in meters now

Mission1 and 5 runway start or "Parking" starting

The Veteran Missions work without any waypoints so the player will fly CAP with his Raven swarm receiving information about enemy movements via comms.

Game hints:

Command your swarm and order them to stay close to you.

Sometimes it's recommended to attack the enemy together with the Falcon swarm.

Have you run out of ammunition or your aircraft is damaged, the player is supposed to resign his swarm out of a combat situation.

Once the patrol area is clear of enemy units the swarm leader will be informed so the swarm can form up and return to homebase.

Known bugs:

On take-off some of the aircraft in the swarm won't be able to get their engines started or might crash on the runway and as a consequence ground control won't give any clearance to take off. In this case just restart the mission again.

Infantry units won't shoot at night.

Player needs to enable the autopilot after landing in order to get the "Mission Accomplished" message.

Mission Designer:


Special thanks to:


Ralph (ram5672)

Thomas (I/JG11_Raven)

Alex (Black6)

Radio Voices:



Basitian (JG4_Kran)

Elias (JG4_Lebano)

Steffen (JG4_Bendwick)


Olaf (Veteran66)


Sebastian (Blooddawn1942

English translation:

Ralph (ram5672)

Frank (=FI=Genosse)

Jeff (murkz)



The battle for the Don Chir triangle

On December 7th, the situation at the Chir front has heated up.

The XXXXVIII. Tank Corps has fended off several enemy advances on Rytschow and attacks on the rail station of Chir.

Southwest of Ssulazkij the enemy was able to break through the securing parts of the 7th Luftwaffe-Fielddivision with about 50 tanks and to advance further beyond the Sowchose Krassnaja Swesda.

Weather: Sunshine, light frost.

On December 8th, the attack of the XXXXVIII. Tank Corps started, to reassess the Soviet incursion. But the attacks were anticipated by a new Soviet attack on the emplacements of the 336th Infantery Division, which were still able to hold their position against the Russian units.

The attack of the 11th Tank Division gained ground and in its course the 336th Infantery Division was able to join.

Weather: persistent thaw, in the afternoon light frost and snowfall

On December 9th, the enemy retreated towards Scharnutowski, so that the Romanian troups were able to occupy Rraj Balka. At the XXXXVIII. Tank Corps an enemy attack in battalion strength against Jarazkoj could be rejected. An attack with strong enemy forces with tanks on the rail station of Chir could be rejected by a counteroffensive of the 11th Tank Div..

Weather: Snow and rain.

On December 10th, the Heeresgruppe DON ordered the deployment of the tank regiment of the 11th Tank Div., that was situated in the area south of Werchne, to throw back the broken through Russian tanks beyond the river Chir in cooperation with the 336th Infantery Div..

Generaloberst v. Richthofen, who was present at the command post, ordered the immediate deployment of all available units of the Luftwaffe at the breach.

The situation at the Chir front has to be adjusted before "Wintergewitter", to be able to direct parts of the 11th Tank Div. and the 336th Infantery Div. to Group Hoth.

Weather: Snowfall, in the evening gathering frost.