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Jan-22-2015, 19:59
Hello everyone,

I have a few things I cannot figure out nor find any tutorials for. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have been playing IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad (BoS) reasonably well and I have been recently tempted into CLoD. I am having no success in configuring the buttons that will enable me to look around my cockpit as I would like, especially for looking at my dials. Here is my main issue:

I use a T16000M stick, no track IR. The HAT nob I use to look around and I use two buttons on the base of my stick to zoom in and out. I have allocated the HAT nob via the 'Pan View' button allocations. The problem is that I cannot find button allocations that would allow me to raise my in-game head up or down or side to side. In IL-2 BoS I would use buttons on the base of my flight stick to do this. To give an example of this issue, when sitting in the Spit, I cannot see my Directional Gyro because the control stick is in the way. I can only see it when I zoom out to a certain distance. When I zoom in to get a closer look, the control stick blocks my view. So I need to raise my head to look over it at the DG. Even my compass, to see it when I zoom in, I would need to move my in-game head to the side to see around my control stick.

Another issue is that looking around with the HAT nob is difficult because it is overly sensitive. Is there a way to adjust this?

Suggestions for anything that would improve basically being able to move my in-game head around the cockpit smoothly and accurately would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,


Jan-22-2015, 20:36
sokol1 should appear soon in this thread to explain you better how to configure "joytokey" to enable what you desire. Meanwhile, from the top of my head, there are at least 2 keys to get you to do what you seek: One is "Glance to Dashboard" the other is rather simple, press you middle mouse button, and with it pressed move the mouse to "off center" and get close what you want to see.

Jan-22-2015, 22:16

Clod POV control options is not too friendly for HAT users.

They invest more in improve mouse control than in HAT control, what is basically same of the old il-2, PAN and SNAP (select in F9).
The 6DOF inside cockpit is controlled by mouse- what in BoS you can control with Insert... Page Down keys.

This is done by pressing the middle mouse button(1) and right mouse button(2) and moving the mouse.
Or pressing F10 for leaving the "Independent mode" (this that allow click on cockpit) and pressing right mouse button and moving the mouse.
Useful on runway, but impractical during flight...

What I do (i'm TrackIR "allergic") is use Joytokey to make HAT control mouse movements, this allow by pressing one key/button and use HAT move ("slide)
the camera left/right, up/down - but not in the exaggerated way of BoS (as if pilot have a Giraffe neck). :D

This video show how is this control with HAT+Joytokey.
On last part (1:15) the control is with mouse and the keys for "Hold to Offset Camera"(1) and "Hold to Zoom Camera"(2).


This control is more practical with joystick that allow move HAT and press a button at same time, or joystick with pinkie button, for the "Hold to Offset Camera" .

The zoom +, - is controlled with two button on joystick.


Jan-22-2015, 23:32
Thank you both.

Sokol1, the info you have given is perfect, thank you very much.

I have since been using the mouse to look around and have come upon another issue. When I open the Map and then use the mouse to zoom in on parts of the Map, the mouse arrow changes to a cross made of four arrows facing outward indicating I can now drag the map around. When I disable Map this lingers instead of reverting to the normal mouse arrow and brings up the Map whenever I use the mouse to look around from then on.

Have you come across this issue before?

Cheers once again,


Jan-28-2015, 02:43
I look with the mouse on my left hand.. fly with the stick righthand.. when i hafe to click tings i pres f10.. the rest is set om my trotle peddals and stick.. watch youre 6. juicy spitty... :-)