View Full Version : Visit RAF Uxbridge on Duxford Flying Legends weekend

Jan-28-2015, 10:20
Dear all,

Each year ACG pilots meet up for the Duxford Flying Legends airshow, we do the Sunday event, and quite a few fly in from abroad. This season I wanted to make more of a weekend of it for our lads so scratched around for something else to see and do. Due to our current BOB campaign, which we have been running for over a year now with Sector Control operations, we decided that it would be nice to visit the real nerve centre of the RAF for the Battle of Britain - the Fighter Command bunker at RAF Uxbridge. The problem is that it's not open very often, and it's not open during the Duxford FL weekend this season on 11th/12th July. So, I decided to contact them to see if they would open up for us, out of their usual and on a weekend. The good news is that I got a positive result and I'm in the process of making further arrangements.

I would like to extend the invitation to the community although since this is a private ACG arranged event I probably need to keep some control on it with the numbers so depending on response the event may be limited - I don't want to upset them!

The date is Saturday 11th July for a 2pm tour at a cost of a £3 donation (or more if you wish to). I have no further details as yet but will keep this thread up to date according to response.

If you would like to come and are serious about that then please contact me, post here or post in our Duxford thread on our forums (details are a few pages in somewhere)



Furthermore, for those who wish to fill their Saturday further then note that the Hendon RAF museum is nearby so a morning visit may work out well to fill the day.