View Full Version : JU88 HE111 Flight school

Feb-04-2015, 10:16
Hey guys,
in an effort to recruit more bomber pilots to fly missions with us I would like to dedicate some time to training some people up on the basics of flying the heavys. We are in need of some new pilots to go on raids and roll these maps. Just shoot me a pm or hit me up on teamspeak:Bryan. I'm more than happy to get people proficient on flight basics and handling. :thumbsup:

Feb-04-2015, 11:26
Same here. Happy to Help. Usually on TS 7pm - 9pm Pacific Standard Time.

Feb-04-2015, 12:02
Thats the spirit. You receive and give back, good effort boys! :thumbsup:

Feb-04-2015, 12:25
Forget the dislike. The buttons are too close on iPhones.:)

Great initiative, Guys.:salute:

Fill those skies with bombers. The supports will come.

Feb-05-2015, 03:01

Feb-05-2015, 10:06
Thanks for the backup guys!!!