View Full Version : DCS or FSX Tacpack?

Feb-04-2015, 23:44
Anyone have both or played both who could give me a pro/con?

Edge looks great but Tacpack seems to have much more to offer in terms of aircraft and naval ops.

Feb-08-2015, 07:58
Good question. I've never purchased FSX because of the lack of damage model.

DCS is a good simulator. If you haven't tried it yet, DCS World is free. You can fly the SU27T or TF-P-51D (Training version).

The A10C goes on sale every once in a while for under 10 dollars, which is honestly a steal considering how well done the aircraft is and the systems are.

Feb-08-2015, 08:55
I have A2A Wings of Power 3 Spitfire MK 1/2. In itself it is fantastic for the level of detail and the research put into this add on. As a learning tool about the BoB Spitfires it is excellent, other than no operating guns. I do not have the Tacpack.

OTOH, it is an addon to Microsoft's FSX. Watch your wallet. After paying for FSX and A2A WoP3 Spitfire, you'll want to purchase A2A's Accusim package, then numerous aftermarket addon's for terrain, weather, maps, etc etc (and etc -- TrackIR5 sucks with FSX....but a $49 utility will fix that. You get my drift, I'm sure)

I am anxiously awaiting DCS Spitfire IX along with Edge. I've paid for it & the P47 in advance via the Kickstarter (which DCS is honouring, bless their hearts). Everything (switches, buttons, levers) works as in A2A -- PLUS weapons, terrain, weather, clouds, feeling of flight, maps, etc etc (etc including TrackIR5 properly!) all included for one price.

My 2 cents.


Feb-08-2015, 14:12
FSX is a civil aircraft sim. DCS is Digital COMBAT Simulator. DCS has great terrain/clouds/water all for free while FSX is full of pricey add-on packs. For naval ops you'll have to make do with the Su-33 until the F18 comes out but there are plenty of free mods out there that make almost every aircraft flyable. The DCS FM and DM are also much more advanced though and the mission editor and MP is more advanced. DCS also has a WWII community and a few servers for the very excellent WWII birds. Id go for DCS, pick up a WWII plane, a fighter (Flaming Cliffs 3, or the MiG 21 which is supposed to be very detailed and fun to fly) and perhaps the Ka50 or A10c. You won't regret it and with EDGE coming soon™ it'll be simply epic.

Just my 2¢


Also as snapper said, DCS has it all, weapons, terrain, etc, all included and you don't have to purchase a ton of addons.

Feb-08-2015, 20:45
Thanks guys, I'm definitely looking forward to edge and World 2 but some things make me frustrated and uneasy about DCS.

FSX just had the naval ops and aircraft that interest me so I was curious between the two. I'll keep waiting till at least edge is out and not full of bugs.